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Accountants and Tax Preparation

Need help with your taxes and accounts in your new home? Take the stress out of your move with our directory of expat-friendly accountants and tax advisors wherever you are in the world:


Tax Samaritan offers tax solutions and guidance for US expats across the world. Whether concerned about filing taxes or an IRS Audit, Tax Samaritan provides support to help US expats save on their taxes and keep IRS and state tax authorities happy. Find out more with your free downloadable guide.

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AIT Services is an international tax consulting firm based in Switzerland. Their expat-tailored service provides help and guidance for US citizens living abroad filing their income tax returns. So, take the hassle out of your tax returns with the professionals at AIT Services.

Bahnhofstrasse 15
CH-4310 Rheinfelden, AG

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Bright!Tax is an online tax service specializing in helping US expats file their tax returns. The team of tax experts offer a personalized service to US expats around the world, ensuring a smooth route through the tax return process. Contact Bright!Tax and see how they can help you with your taxes.

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Experts for Expats is an information platform for expats. The service helps users find the right expat-friendly expert for them, from French mortgage brokers to Brazilian tax advisors. Visit Experts for Expats and find the help you need today.

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Nomad Tax is an international tax consultancy. Their team of tax experts specializes in expat taxes, helping US citizens abroad file their tax returns wherever they are in the world. If you're looking for friendly, helpful advice and guidance for your tax returns, speak to the team at Nomad Tax.

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Taxes for Expats provide tax advice for US expats. Their simple process makes filing taxes easy wherever you are in the world. So, whether you're living Sydney or San Sebastian, get your US tax returns in order with Taxes for Expats.

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