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Last update on February 04, 2021
Written by Money Saver Spain

Apps are now used for everything from holidays to transport. Here are some of the best restaurant apps in Spain, which include discounted meals, opinions and ratings, and geolocation.

Spain is famous for its delicious cuisine and abundant restaurants, so it only makes sense that there is also a range of apps to make reserving a table quicker and easier. Not only that, some Spain apps will provide reviews on where to eat in a particular area, so it’s great for finding restaurants anywhere in Spain, as well as offering discounts if you book through the app. They are also free to download.

Rather than relying on coupons from daily deal sites and having to pay up front, this guide looks at the best popular apps available at the moment, and shows you how they work and what you can expect.

Most apps use geolocation. They’re great to use when travelling around Spain. Some apps show results that are more personalised, whereas others depend on recommendations from social media.


By using geolocation, you’ll be shown local restaurants that offer discounts with this app in Spain. Each restaurant comes with a rating and opinions from people who’ve already been there. You’ll need to register and provide your mobile number and email address. Information is sent to you either by email or SMS.

App available for Android and iOS.

El Tenedor

Translating as ‘The Fork’, El Tenedor is one of the most popular Spain apps. Available in English and French (as well as Spanish) it covers more than 5,000 restaurants in Spain and Switzerland. Registering is similar to the Restaurantes site, but a bit quicker.

Information about restaurants in Barcelona and Madrid tends to be more detailed than those in other areas of Spain. Details about your reservations are sent by email. If reserving at a restaurant that has a special discount, remember to double check if the discount applies to everything or only covers certain dishes, as sometimes set menus are not discounted (nor drinks).

App available for Android and iOS.

Restaurant Finder

This app is based on the results from Google in a radius of 500 metres. As well as opening hours, it includes user opinions, instructions on how to get to the restaurant and a phone number to make your reservation directly. As you need to access each restaurant website for further information on prices and menus, it’s only really useful where other apps tend to be more deficient, such as in smaller towns in Spain (or abroad).

App only available for Android.

Barcelona Restaurantes

As the name suggests, this app is focused on Barcelona only. It features over 170 restaurants in the city. Searches are categorised into different selection criteria including area, price and cuisine type. You can find the location of each restaurant and share it with your contacts.

App available for Android and iOS.


This city guide app is based on geolocation and will tell you where to find the best places to eat and drink wherever you are. You can search for suitable places wherever you are in Spain, filtering your search by food type and level of service offered. You can also read user reviews and save favourite places.

App available for Android and iOS.


This app Spain Travel Guide has city guides for over 100 cities. As well as being able to find the best restaurants and bars wherever you are in Spain, you can also access sightseeing information, maps, a Spanish phrasebook, weather forecaster and more.

App available for Android and iOS.