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Last update on January 13, 2020
Written by On the Pulse of Spain / www.expansion.com 

There are variants of 800 and 900 numbers in Spain, ranging from free to premium rate. How do you figure out how much phone calls in Spain will cost?

Phone calls in Spain are reasonably priced if made from a landline phone or if you have a good mobile tariff. However, some numbers can cost a fortune and are best avoided unless you really need them.

This article will look at numbers that begin with a variant of 800 or 900. The cost of using these numbers for phone calls in Spain varies from free to premium rate, so you don’t want to get them mixed up! As with most phone numbers nowadays, costs will be more expensive from a mobile phone.

Free numbers

The only numbers where you can make free phone calls in Spain are those that begin with 800 or 900. With these numbers, the owner of the phone number pays the charges (which are set at a low rate). They can be used by businesses, charities or service providers that want to encourage people to call their number. Although 800 and 900 numbers are free from landlines, they might not be free from mobile phones. You will need to check with your provider to see if there will be a charge.

Lower rate numbers


Numbers that start with 901 have the cost shared between caller and the company called. Usually this means that the caller will be billed around the equivalent of a local call. Again, it’s more expensive from a mobile so watch out. The current rate for making 901 phone calls in Spain is €0.28 from a landline and €1.88 from a mobile for a 5 minute call.


902 numbers are charged fully to the caller, but the rate is slightly cheaper. You will be billed between the local and national rate when making 902 phone calls in Spain. This is a set rate that is the same for callers in all locations. Current rates are  €0.56 from a landline and €2.82 from a mobile for a 5 minute call.

Drawback of 901 and 902 phone calls in Spain

These numbers are often used by customer service departments for businesses. Although economical for short calls, you need to bear in mind that calls to customer services can take 15-30 minutes (or longer!) when time kept on hold is taken into consideration. 901 and 902 numbers are not normally included in flat rate contracts so you can end up getting stung.

To avoid using 901 or 902 numbers, you can check company websites for a standard or local number to use instead. You can also use www.nmn900.com to find alternative numbers for 901 and 902 numbers.

Premium rate numbers

These are the ones to avoid when making phone calls in Spain. Costs will vary but can be as high as between €1-5 per minute from a landline and more from a mobile. There are a few numbers to watch out for.


Numbers that begin with 803 are premium rate adult service lines.


806-prefixed numbers are for leisure and entertainment services.


These are used for professional services.


Numbers beginning with 905 are used for voting lines, popular with competitions advertised on television.


This is the number for the directory enquiries service in Spain. You may sometimes need to call this number to find out a phone number in Spain. But beware – charges are up to €4 per minute from landlines and more expensive still from mobiles. It’s better to find numbers using a free service such as Paginas Amarillas (Spanish Yellow Pages). If you do find yourself having to use the 118 service, DON’T allow them to connect you to the number you requested as you will be continue to be charged at the premium rate (leading to a 5 minute call costing €20 or more!). Ask them to give you the number you asked for instead, hang up and make the call yourself.