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Last update on August 21, 2020

This must-have list of emergency numbers will help you in a variety of emergencies while in Spain, alongside a list of important numbers and Spanish helplines.

You might have moved to Spain to bask in eternal sunshine on a gorgeous Spanish beach, but paradise can quickly turn into a nightmare in case of an emergency, accident or a crime in Spain. Emergencies do happen and it’s always handy to have a list of emergency numbers in Spain.

You keep a printout of emergency telephone numbers – on your fridge, in your wallet, in the folder of your passport – that is easily accessible. Keep in mind that some Spanish emergency services have English-speaking staff but many don’t. If you do not speak Spanish, it is best to find a Spanish-speaker whom you can trust.

Here are some helpful Spanish medical and emergency phrases:

  • I’d like to report a crime: Quiero hacer una denuncia./Quiero denunciar un crimen.
  • I need you to send me an ambulance: Necesito una ambulancia./Necesito que me envíen una ambulancia.
  • My house is burning down: Mi casa está quemandose.
  • I live at…: Vivo en…
  • Help! (emergency): socorro
  • Accident: accidente
  • Emergency services: servicios de urgencia
  • Pharmacy: farmacia
  • Doctor: médico
  • Serious illness: enfermedad grave

Below is a list of important emergency numbers in Spain and helplines in Spain.

All emergencies in Spain: Call 112 (no area code needed).

The responder will speak a number of languages, and it is also possible to fax or SMS the emergency number in case of disabilities. You can also visit the Urgencias (emergency) department of any hospital. You can always reach 112, even on a mobile phone without a Spanish SIM card.

Other emergencies in Spain

Ambulance (ambulancía) and health emergencies

Call 061 or 112

Fire brigade (cuerpo de bomberos)

Call 080 or 112

Local police (policía municipal)

Call 092. The municipal police cover their local town or city area for traffic offences and control, lost property and crimes such as theft and neighbourhood disputes.

Civil Guard (guardia civil)

Call 062. This is a military force that operates mostly in rural areas and is responsible for drug offences, fatal car accidents, robberies and murders.

National Spanish police (policía nacional)

Call 091 or visit www.policia.es and contact the appropriate department online. You can also find them on Twitter @policia

The national police mainly work at an urban level in the areas of terrorism, national security and combating crime.

Maritime Sea Rescue

(Salvamento y Seguridad Marítimo): 900 202 202 | Download their safety tracking app | Radio in an emergency

Red cross

(ambulance, emergencies, intoxications): 902 222 292 | | 24/7 Helpline 900 100 333 |  | Donate blood 900 506 819

Tourist helpline and emergency number

902 102 112 (in English, French, German and Italian)

The Servicio de Atención al Turista Extranjero (SATE) handles security of foreigners. You can report a crime, lost property or documents, damage, assault, robbery, break-in or an accident to a tourist police. After calling, you will typically have 48 hours to visit your local police station to ratify your complaint.

You can also find the closest SATE contact:

  • Madrid: 915 488 537 | 915 488 008
  • Malaga: 951 926 161 | 951 999 818
  • Sevilla: 954 564 767

Road accidents and traffic jams

Immigration information

Call 900 150 000 (free legal assistance) | 012 (citizen information line)

Citizens Advice Bureau

www.citizensadvice.org.es | Emergencies 615 814 264

Crime victim support service

900 150 909

Ombudsman and complaints

900 101 025 (24/7)

Consumer information

See a list of organization protecting consumers in Spain | European Consumer Centre

Power and gas emergencies

Call your provider | 900 171 171

Support for women

24-hour helpline 900 580 888 | Domestic violence and abuse (Mujeres Maltratadas) 900 100 009

Civil protection

1006 in case of serious group risk or a catastrophe, as well as for restoring affected areas.

Telephone line problems

1002 | English-speaking support 1004 (say English after you hear the recorded Spanish message).

Emergency doctor

1003 (if you need a doctor in a non-urgent situation, but can’t contact your doctor, you can call 1003 to find a doctor or call your local police for a reference).

Local information


Costa Blanca Samaritans

Confidential English-language helpline and free emotional support for anywhere in Spain | www.samaritansinspain.com | 900 525 100

Guardian Angels

Support for single parents | guardian-angels.es | +34 622 795 542

Helplines and organizations in Spain

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