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Last update on August 19, 2019

Should you need to find a local doctor or pharmacy, consult this guide which contains a list of medical centres, including the Centre Hospitalier Luxembourg, to find one that suits your needs.

Luxembourg has one of the best healthcare systems in Europe and there is state-funded services available to all residents, including access to specialist and emergency treatment in hospitals in Luxembourg, through the insurance-based National Health Fund (Caisse Nationale Sante – CNS. If you’re a foreigner living in or visiting Luxembourg, you will be entitled to access emergency services for free but you will need to have health insurance to access non-emergency care if you do not have a job and are not paying social security contributions.

Should you need to visit a hopspital or pharmacy in Luxembourg, this guide provides information on types of hospital in Luxembourg, along with:


Hospitals in Luxembourg

Hospitals in Luxembourg are part of the state-funded CNS. There are no private hospitals in Luxembourg. Public hospitals in Luxembourg are easily identified with the sign of a large white H on a blue background. All general hospitals in Luxembourg will provide a range of specialist care, maternity care, in-patient and out-patient services but not all hospitals in Luxembourg have emergency services. There are also specialist hospitals in Luxembourg (maternity, cardiology, etc.).

There are three classes of service in hospitals in Luxembourg: first, second and third class. First class entitles you to a single private room, which costs extra unless you have premium private health insurance to cover it. Second class (which is the standard service) is a shared room with two or three other patients. Third class is a ward with more than three patients. This only occurs in circumstances where there are no other rooms available.

Centre Hospitalier Luxembourg

If you are staying overnight in a hospital in Luxembourg, it is advisable to take your own clothes, toiletries, etc. plus money to pay for some of the private services and products (TV, bottled water, etc.) on offer.

Some of the staff in hospitals in Luxembourg will speak English but there is no guarantee that there will be English-speaking staff available. The most common language in Luxembourg is French, so if you are concerned about this then you might want to have a few useful French medical phrases to hand. See our guide to French medical terms and body parts for some useful information.

Conditions for visiting hospitals in Luxembourg

You need a referral from a doctor to be admitted to hospital in Luxembourg. However, you do not need a doctor’s referral to visit a specialist in a hospital and can make an appointment directly. All patients have the right to choose a specialist and a hospital in Luxembourg, as long as the treatment is available on the CNS. For some specialist treatments, there may be a waiting list and you may have to wait a few weeks for an appointment.

Hospital care through the CNS is available free to all residents, paid for by social security health insurance contributions. Insurance payments cover dependent family members. Children, students up to the age of 27 and those on low incomes do not have to make CNS contributions. residents should take their social security card with them to appointments at the hospital in Luxembourg.

Non-residents and those in Luxembourg on short visits will need to take out private health insurance to access hospitals in Luxembourg. Those on a temporary visit from the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland can use their European Health Insurance Card.

See our guide to Healthcare in Luxembourg for more general information on the healthcare system. You can also see our guides to Health Insurance in Luxembourg and the European Health Insurance Card for more information on these topics.

Recommended hospitals in Luxembourg

To get recommendations on the best hospitals in Luxembourg, you can contact local experts on the Expatica Luxembourg Ask the Expert service. You may also be able to get recommendations on good English-speaking hospitals here.

You can also check the world hospital ranking list of hospitals in Luxembourg. The current highest ranking hospital in Luxembourg is the Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg which is ranked number 1966 in the world.

Best hospitals in Luxembourg

Specialist hospitals in Luxembourg

Hospital costs in Luxembourg

Treatment in hospitals in Luxembourg is free but the CNS operates on a system of reimbursements so patients have to pay upfront and then submit receipts to get the money back. Although treatment is free, patients (with the exception of children) are charged EUR 19.92 per night for overnight stays and EUR 9.96 for a day visit to hospitals in Luxembourg.

Pharmacy in Luxembourg

Reimbursements are made (usually between 80 – 100% of the full costs) for:

  • medical care
  • drugs
  • treatment
  • analysis and laboratory tests
  • prosthetics
  • hearing, visual and speech aids
  • travel costs
  • medical devices
  • maternity care
  • rehabilitation costs
  • funeral costs

There are a number of addition private services provided in hospitals in Luxembourg that have to be paid for, such as TV access, phone calls, and supplementary food and drink.

Private insurance for hospital treatment in Luxembourg

To access a single private room and additional services in hospitals in Luxembourg, you will need private health insurance. There are a number of expat-friendly international health insurance companies which offer different coverage packages, including:

Emergencies in Luxembourg

The medical emergency phone number in Luxembourg is 112. Emergency care in hospitals in Luxembourg is provided by the emergency department in the larger hospitals and is known as ‘cas d’urgence‘ or ‘spoedgeval‘. Emergency treatment is provided for free even to those with no health insurance coverage, although charges will apply as soon as your situation is no longer considered urgent. Emergency services are not provided in all hospitals in Luxembourg and out-of-hours service is rotated between hospitals in each area. Schedules for emergency hospitals in Luxembourg can be found in various places including local newspapers, doctors’ surgeries and pharmacies as well as within the hospitals themselves.

See our guide to healthcare in Luxembourg for more information on emergency services.