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Last update on 24/08/2023
Gary Buswell Written by Gary Buswell

Looking for a dentist in Luxembourg? Here’s everything you need to know about the quality and costs of dental care in the Grand Duchy.

There is a lot to love about Luxembourg. Situated in the heart of Europe, it’s a place with rich history, high wages, and world-class food. It also has good quality public healthcare, including dental care.

If you are looking for a dentist in Luxembourg, you’ll need to know how to find a good one, how to register for dental care, and how costs are dealt with. These topics and more are covered below:

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The healthcare system in Luxembourg

Luxembourg boasts one of the world’s best healthcare systems and is ranked seventh on the 2018 Euro Health Consumer Index. All residents, including expats, can access public healthcare through the state health insurance system. This covers most standard services and is funded largely through social security contributions.

Dentist treating a patient

Medical professionals in Luxembourg, including dentists, provide public healthcare services through the National Health Fund (Caisse nationale de Sante – CNS). Of course, residents can also take out additional private insurance to cover costs and treatments not included in the state healthcare package.

Dental care in Luxembourg

As mentioned, Luxembourg provides high-quality dental care and most facilities have state-of-the-art equipment. Of course, all practicing dentists need to be fully qualified and have a license from the Ministry of Health. There are 97.4 dentists in Luxembourg per 100,000 of the population, which is the sixth-highest in the EU. Luxembourg residents visit the dentist 1.4 times per year on average, which is the seventh-highest in the EU.

You can access most standard dental care services through state-funded public healthcare in Luxembourg. This means that you can claim reimbursement for treatment, usually between 80% to 100%. However, you will need to make sure that your dentist is contracted to provide state-funded services and what treatments they provide. As such, it might be worth considering taking private health insurance to cover any additional costs.

State dental care in Luxembourg

As has been noted, Luxembourg provides a high level of dental care through state-funded public services. Dentists in Luxembourg work privately and operate out of private clinics, however, most also register with the CNS to offer state-funded dental care. Some do not, so do be sure to check first.

All residents covered through state health insurance in Luxembourg can access public dental care services in the country. However, non-residents and short-term visitors will need to take out private insurance for dental treatment. That said, it’s worth noting that short-term visitors from the EU/EFTA can use their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to access dental care.

Luxembourg dentists: a dental X-ray image

As of January 2022, treatments available through state dental care in Luxembourg, along with reimbursement rates, are:

  • Regular checkups and extractions – the first €68.15 of annual costs are paid in full through health insurance, then 88% of the remainder is reimbursed for adults. Reimbursement for children younger than 18 is 100%. Checkups are recommended every six months to a year. CNS provides full price and general treatment information.
  • Dental prostheses, including crowns, bridges, and false teeth – 80% reimbursement rate, although this is 100% for children younger than 18. Adults who can prove they have had dental checkups with a registered dentist at least once a year for the last two years also get a 100% rebate.
  • Orthodontic treatments – this includes both fixed and detachable braces. First €68.15 of annual costs paid in full through health insurance, then 88% of remainder reimbursed for adults. Reimbursement for children is 100%.

Private dental care in Luxembourg

There is no clear division between state and private dental care in Luxembourg. Rather, dentists work privately but also contract themselves out to provide public dental care reimbursed through state insurance. Hence, most dentists in Luxembourg provide both state and private dental care.

Many residents in Luxembourg, including most expats, take out private health insurance to pay for dental costs not covered by state insurance. This includes the percentage of standard treatments not reimbursed, plus additional treatments which can include:

  • Specialist consultations
  • Dental implants
  • Cosmetic treatment, such as teeth bleaching
  • Root canal treatment
  • Bone and tissue regenerative treatment

If you visit a dentist in Luxembourg and have private health insurance, you should check what treatments your dentist provides, what the cost is, and whether your private insurance policy covers this.

Dental insurance in Luxembourg

As mentioned, dental insurance in Luxembourg is part of state health insurance. All employees pay a rate of 2.8% of their gross salary, with employers matching this amount. Do keep in mind that self-employed workers in Luxembourg have to pay the full amount themselves.

Luxembourg dentists: a woman suffering a toothache and gum inflammation

These contributions cover employees themselves plus dependent family members, including students up to the age of 27. Those not in work, be they pensioners or simply unemployed, make contributions from their social security benefits. The CNS manages public health insurance funds in Luxembourg.

There are several large expat-friendly health insurance companies offering cover that includes dental treatment in Luxembourg, including:

Accessing dental care in Luxembourg

To access dentists in Luxembourg through the public health system, you will first need to register for healthcare through the Joint Social Security Center (Centre Commun de la Sécurité Sociale – CCSS). Your employer will often do this. Once registered, your health insurance payments will cover yourself and any dependent family members.

In order to register for public healthcare, you will need to provide:

You will then receive your 13-digit social security card, which you will need to take along to dental appointments.

Of course, the registration process with individual dentists in Luxembourg may vary across individual practices. Typically you will need to provide your social security details or proof of private health insurance to cover costs. You will usually need to visit the dental clinic to complete the necessary registration forms, although some dentists may offer online registration.

Finding a dentist in Luxembourg

Residents are free to choose their dentist in Luxembourg. However, you should check that they have a contract with the CNS if you want to access treatment through public health insurance.

You can find dentists in Luxembourg using several online tools. The simplest way to find a local dentist is to type “find a dentist near me” into a search engine to generate results. You can also use:

  • Collège Médical – this is the official medical body that all health professionals in Luxembourg need to sign up to.
  • Doctena Luxembourg – this provides details of dentists including those that offer online support.
  • A general business directory such as Yellow Pages or Editus.

You can also check ReviewEuro and WhatClinic for reviews of dentists in Luxembourg.

Finding an English-speaking dentist in Luxembourg

Many dentists in Luxembourg speak English to a good level. However, as English is not an official language in Luxembourg, you cannot be sure that all dentists will understand English.

Fortunately, websites such as Doctena and Editus allow you to search for English-speaking services. You can also check directory listings for Luxembourg for details of expat-friendly health professionals.

Alternatively, another option is to contact your embassy or consulate in Luxembourg, as these often have details of medical services available in other languages.

Visiting a dentist in Luxembourg

You can make an appointment with a dentist in Luxembourg online, by phone, or by visiting the dental clinic. However, do keep in mind that although you can register with a dentist if you want to, you don’t have to do this in order to make an appointment. In fact, most dentists will take appointments from anyone registered for health insurance. The Doctena website allows you to book appointments and also has information on appointment processes and availabilities.

A busy dentist's office

As with other parts of the world, waiting times for checkups and non-urgent treatments can vary from a couple of days to a few weeks. Once you’ve made an appointment, you should turn up around 5–10 minutes before the appointed time. Additionally, remember to bring your CNS card or proof of health insurance. Also be aware that if you don’t have adequate insurance, you will normally be asked to pay for treatment before your session with the dentist. This means you will have to pay either when you book or when you arrive for your appointment.

If you are insured you will ordinarily pay at the reception following your session. Following this, you will claim reimbursement by sending off your invoice to your insurer.

Some dentists may offer online consultations as a preliminary measure before booking a face-to-face appointment. If this is the case, they should explain the process at the point of registration or appointment booking. You will need to have a laptop, tablet, or smartphone with video messaging software installed.

The cost of dental care in Luxembourg

The CNS regulates dental care costs provided through the public healthcare system, usually reviewing them annually. As of 2022, fees include:

  • Checkups: around €32
  • Fillings: €56
  • Extractions: €178
  • Implant: €1,900

Typically, you have to pay fees upfront and then claim reimbursement (please do check CNS reimbursement rates). You can contact the CNS for a full list of current charges and check the website for billing procedures. Reimbursement normally occurs within around three weeks. If you are unable to pay upfront fees – for example, if you are unemployed – you might be entitled to assistance where the bills are settled on your behalf by your insurer or a third party.

If you access private treatment or cover yourself through a private health insurance policy, the fee rate for treatment or consultation may be higher. The reimbursement rate will depend on your private insurer. Private insurance packages typically have higher payout rates, however, they often have a cap on the maximum amount they will pay towards treatment. Check with your insurer for details.

Children’s dental care in Luxembourg

The quality of dental care for children in Luxembourg is high, with less than 5% of children in the country with unmet needs across all income groups. Dental treatment for all children aged under 18 in Luxembourg receives 100% reimbursement and is accessed through the health insurance of parents.

A dentist examines a child

If you don’t have public health insurance in Luxembourg, you will need to take out a private insurance policy for your child’s dental care. Many private insurers offer family packages with good rates that cover regular checkups and treatment costs for children.

You can find pediatric dentists in Luxembourg on the Doctena website.

Emergency dental care in Luxembourg

If you have a dental emergency in Luxembourg, such as a broken tooth, excessive bleeding, or extreme toothache, you should first attempt to contact your dentist by phone. Most dentists have an answerphone message out-of-hours informing you of the steps to take in the event of an emergency. You can also check their website for instructions.

Some dentists in Luxembourg offer emergency treatment, although out-of-hours services may be limited. Clinics providing treatment without an appointment include:

You can also check here for a list of emergency dentists in Luxembourg.

For out-of-hours emergencies, you should call 112 for information on emergency on-call dentists in Luxembourg. You can also visit one of Luxembourg’s on-duty emergency hospitals.

The reimbursement rate for emergency dental treatment in Luxembourg is between 80% to 100%. Treatments such as crowns and fillings are usually reimbursed at 100% if you have had annual checkups with a registered dentist for the past two years.

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