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Last update on November 12, 2019
Written by Carol Moore

Looking to make friends and meet new people? Check our guide to the best social groups and clubs in Paris to help expats build their social network, and develop working relationships.

If you’re new or have just arrived as an expat, it can be a little daunting to know where to meet people in Paris and develop your social circle. Of course, there is the romantic and totally accurate stereotype of Paris being one of the most beautiful cities in the world, however, its size can be a little off putting regarding how and where to put this into action.

Fortunately, there are many people out there in the same boat and a great many organisations, clubs and meet-ups available, that can help you ‘merrily down the Seine’ on your way to kicking loneliness to the curb! Here are a few of our suggestions for you to try.

Learn French

Franglish is a weekly event that is organised across several bars and pubs in Paris to help you improve and practice your French while meeting new people. There’s always a combination of native French speakers and newbies who want to learn, in a relaxed friendly atmosphere.

Approximate costs are €12 (which includes a drink) – check their website for specific locations.

Watch a comedy show

Why not make friends and enjoy a giggle at the same time? There are several international comedy venues in Paris, but our favourite has to be Le Paname, which offers English language comedy evenings every Tuesday with a variety of hosts. No cover charge, but one drink of €5 is required.

Take a walk along the Seine

‘Come as a visitor, leave as a friend’ is the slogan of Greeters Paris, a not for profit organisation who as volunteers, are ready to give you the low-down on the various neighbourhoods in and around Paris. And who knows, perhaps in time, you’ll be become a guide yourself.

Have a café au lait

As well as cuisine, Paris is also famed for its pavement café culture, which comes highly recommended for striking up a conversation with a stranger, who in turn may well become a friend. One of our favourites is Troisième, which has a weekly changing agenda with varying activities such as a knitting workshop, and concert, amongst others.

Meet international mums

Mums who meet people in Paris

MumAbroad France is an internationally focused, mother and child organisation set up in 2007 to support expat parents and children on their quest to meet other like-minded people. Join the group to find out tips and tricks on your new parenting life in Paris.

Go wine tasting

Learn about wine and cheese pairings, champagne and the gourmet food that France is famous for, among other food and drink aficionados. Preston, the founder of Paris by the Glass and originally from the US, has an extensive culinary knowledge and is also happy to share his experiences as an expat.

Join a sports team

Get fit and meet new people by joining a sports team with an international focus. There are many different organisations such as the International Football League Paris, who train once a week and take it so seriously that if you forget to cancel, you’ll be served a two-match ban. Also, on the sporting circuit, is Netball Paris who train every Thursday evening and have a weekly match on Sunday morning.

Practice yoga to meet people in Paris

Try the ever-popular classes of yoga and discover that while increasing your flexibility and knowledge of chakras, you can meet like-minded people at Affordable Yoga and Fitness. You can choose the size of the class and how many times you’d like to go, so check their website for specific prices.

Open mic poetry readings

Spoken Word Paris is the place to go if you share a love of the spoken word, books, and meeting people over a refreshing drink. There are regular events and you can also offer to share your work as well.

Take a cookery class

Since you’re in the city that is famed for its love of food, check out WICE, a cooking school where you’ll meet other internationals who are also aiming to improve their haute cuisine. There are monthly courses with different flavours, so it literally is whatever takes your fancy.

Facebook expat groups you can join:

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