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Dentists in Qatar

Looking for a dentist you can trust? Get your teeth into the dental options in Qatar with our directory listings of expat-friendly dentists:

German Dental & Dermatology Centre

The German Dental & Dermatology Centre in Doha is a renowned dental and dermatalogical provider. The Center places a strong emphasis on health and wellbeing, offering quality care in a welcoming and personal environment. They offer a high standard of care, with state-of-the-art facilities and outstanding doctors.

Al Taif Street Madinat Khalifa North, Al Taif ST, Area # 32, St. #830, Villa #76, Doha, Qatar

+974 3029 0013

Other listings of Dentists in Qatar

The British International Dental Centre is a dental practice in Qatar. They have two state-of-the-art centers in Doha. They accept international insurance policies, working for many international organizations in the country. Visit them online to explore your dental options.

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Hamad Dental Center is a referral-based dentistry provider in Qatar. Their center is located in Doha, and they oversee dental services outside the capital. They offer a range of treatments using cutting-edge technology. Check out their website to find out about their clinics and services.

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The Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) is a provider of state healthcare in Qatar. They offer a range of healthcare services including women's health, men's health, dental care, and pediatrics. The PHCC operates in Health Centers all over the country. Visit them online to find out more.

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