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Currency Exchange in Qatar

Need to convert money in Qatar? Find the best way to change your currency quickly and efficiently by using our directory of expat-friendly exchange services:


Remitly is an international money transfer platform operating globally. Their easy-to-use service lets you transfer funds instantaneously, whether directly into a bank account, a cash pick-up at a designated location, or even home delivery. Transfer confidently with Remitly.

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Currencies Direct is an international money transfer platform. The site lets you quickly and efficiently exchange money across borders, keeping the process simple through their app or website. Move your money around the world confidently with Currencies Direct.

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EasyFX is an international transfer and payment platform. Designed with travelers and holidaymakers in mind, EasyFX lets you spend like a local while abroad. Enjoy zero fees, a payment card for you and your family, and a simple way to manage your funds with EasyFX.

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FairFX is an international currency and payment platform. Operating in 190 countries around the world, FairFX offers travel money, a currency card, and international transfer. Wherever you're heading in the world, settle into your new surroundings with FairFX.

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Send is an online platform for international money transfers and foreign exchange. The platform offers better exchange rates than retail banks, and quicker transfer times, ensuring your money works better for you. If you're moving money abroad, do it with Send.

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XE is one of the world's leading currency exchange websites. Providing up-to-the-minute exchange rates and fast, secure international money transfers. Keep abreast of your financial options by checking out the latest developments in the currency market with XE.

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