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Last update on August 05, 2021

If you’re planning on renting in Munich, here’s what you need to know about how to find suitable accommodation and what to expect in the city.

Munich is one of the most popular and well-known cities in Germany with a sizable foreign population who have relocated there. This guide to renting in Munich includes sections on:


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Overview of renting in Munich

Munich is a beautiful city to live in. It currently ranks third on the Mercer Quality of Life Index ranking. Munich is known for its parks, cultural activities and great transport system among other things. However, this quality comes at a price. Munich is the most costly city of Germany to rent property in – it is 20% more expensive than Frankfurt which ranks second in rental prices, so it’s important to shop around in order to find something suitable. The good news for those renting in Munich is that there is a wide range of options to choose from, including furnished and serviced apartments as well as short-term lets. But high demand allows landlords to be picky about who they rent to; prepare yourself for multiple viewings (and rejections!) before finding an accommodation.

Find a rental in Munich

Germany has the second biggest rental market as a percentage of market share in the EU (after Switzerland) so there are plenty of places where you can look for accommodation, ranging from personal ads on noticeboards to online property portals. You can hire an estate agent (makler) to help you navigate the rental market in Munich. Please note that normally, there are no more commission fees for tenants in Germany.


Online property portals where you can find suitable rental accommodation in Munich include:

Other useful websites include:

It might also be worth keeping an eye on adverts in printed newspapers. These include:

Unfurnished rentals in Munich

Many properties are let without furnishings in Munich. These will be cheaper and are great if you want more freedom to bring in your own furnishings, but will obviously require a lot more work when it comes to moving in (and out!)

What are unfurnished rentals like in Munich?

Unfurnished flats in Munich are often let out completely unfurnished; that means no kitchen, no appliances, no nothing. These are typically available for long leases and are suitable for tenants looking to settle down and make the home their own. As Germany has a high percentage of renters, unfurnished properties are popular with families looking for stable long-term accommodation. All types of property can be found unfurnished, from one-bedroom apartments to 4-5 bedroom houses. Tenants will usually have the freedom to decorate and make some changes to fixtures and fittings, but check the tenancy agreement or ask the landlord first to find out what can and cannot be done. Partially furnished flats are also available to rent in Munich (e.g., kitchen appliances and fittings, but no beds or sofas).


Cost of unfurnished rentals in Munich

Average rental costs for unfurnished rentals in Munich are currently €17.56 per square meter, more expensive than other areas of Germany but cheaper than some parts of northern Europe. Expect to pay between €650-1,100 a month for a one-bedroom apartment in cheaper and suburban districts, and between €800-1,500 a month in the city center and more expensive parts of the city. The average for a 3-bedroom place is around €1,600 a month outside the center and €2,100 in the center, according to latest figures. Properties will be advertised as either “cold” (rental costs only) or “warm” (including some of the utility costs). Most properties in Munich are “cold”.

You can use this rent calculator to work out how much you should be paying when renting in Munich.

What to expect in an unfurnished rental contract

Typical rental agreements in Germany last for a minimum of two years. Landlords renting out unfurnished properties will probably be looking for long-term renters so expect to sign an agreement lasting at least a couple of years. Tenancies are usually unlimited so the contract is likely to be a rolling one that can be terminated by landlord or tenant with three months’ notice.

Check the contract carefully to see who is liable for repairs. Usually, tenants will be responsible for day-to-day repairs with the landlord having to take care of more extensive work such as repairs to the building. Subletting is normally possible. When moving out, you must return the property to the state it was in before you signed the lease. This will mean painting walls back to the original color (if you’ve decorated) and removing any fixtures and fittings installed unless you have permission from the landlord to leave them in place.

How to find an unfurnished rental in Munich

Unfurnished rentals can be found through real estate agents. You can find out information on agents in the Munich area through the German Real Estate Association. You can also find lettings through many of the online property portals such as:

To rent an unfurnished apartment in Munich, you will usually need to provide:

Furnished rentals in Munich

Furnished rentals in Munich have traditionally been associated with holiday lets and short to medium-term lets, but there are more places now offering longer leases on apartments that come fully furnished.

What are furnished rentals like in Munich?

Furnished rentals in Munich can vary from those that include standard furniture (beds, sofa, tables, kitchen utilities, etc.) to those featuring all mod cons (e.g., TV, Wi-Fi). Each agent or website should explain fully what is included within the rental costs. As with unfurnished properties, you can find furnished accommodation of all types and sizes.


Costs of furnished rentals in Munich

As would be expected, furnished properties tend to be more costly than unfurnished ones although not greatly so. One-bedroom apartments tend to range between €1,000-1,750 a month. Three-bedroom apartments can be from €1,800 to over €3,000. Houses start at around €1,600 for terraced properties, rising to over €4,000 a month for 4+ bedrooms. Properties can be rented “cold” or “warm” but are more likely to include utility costs within the rent than unfurnished rentals.

What to expect in a furnished rental contract

Tenancy agreements for furnished properties in Munich are largely similar to those for unfurnished rentals, although you will generally have less freedom to decorate or change fixtures and fittings. Most agreements will require you to get the property professionally cleaned before returning it upon leaving. Furnished accommodation tends to be more popular with those staying in Munich for a shorter period or those renting for the first time in the city before making the decision to rent longer-term or buy a German property.

How to find a furnished rental in Munich

Many of the online portals and real estate agents advertising accommodation in Munich include a range of furnished rentals. The process for renting and documentation needed is the same as that for unfurnished accommodation. Websites where you can find furnished properties include:

Serviced apartments in Munich

Serviced apartments are fully furnished apartments that provide additional services such as room service, housekeeping, and on-site amenities, similar to hotel services. They are popular with short-term visitors and professionals.

What are serviced apartments like in Munich?

You can find a range of fully serviced and luxury apartments offered through various companies in Munich, with some also offering fully serviced houses. These can be provided within separate residential complexes or luxury hotels. You can usually choose the level of service you require, with available services including cleaning, laundry, breakfast, and room service.

Cost of serviced apartments in Munich

Serviced apartments usually charge by the night, similar to hotels, although renting in Munich for longer periods is often possible and it will work out cheaper in the long run. Prices are generally all-inclusive and can range from between €50 and €200 per night, with additional services often costing extra.

What to expect in a serviced apartment rental contract

With serviced apartments, you are more likely to have to sign a terms & conditions agreement rather than a full tenancy agreement, similar to what you have to sign with hotels. Some companies will have a longer contract and will ask for a deposit to cover damages, particularly for longer stays. You will normally specify the length of time you want to stay upfront and will be able to extend the duration depending on availability. Most contracts or agreements will require that tenants make no changes to property appearance or fittings.


How to find serviced apartments in Munich

Companies providing serviced accommodation in Munich include:

Short-term accommodation in Munich

Short-term lets, ranging from a few weeks to a year, are often favored by expats new to Munich. These are a convenient (and usually cheaper) alternative to hotels.

What is short-term accommodation like in Munich?

As it is a popular tourist city that hosts many international events, such as Oktoberfest, Munich has plenty of short-term accommodation options including small apartments, large houses, holiday lets, and serviced apartments. Properties usually include mod cons such as TV and wifi.

Cost of short-term accommodation in Munich

Short-term lets are typically more expensive than longer lets but will vary according to factors such as area and accommodation type. Good deals are available if you shop around. Both “cold” and “warm” lets are possible, with many places including utilities in the advertised rent.

What to expect in a short-term accommodation rental contract

Although tenancy agreements will be shorter fixed-term contracts, the three-month notice period often still applies and tenants moving into a place on a short 3-month let will be expected to stay for the duration or risk losing their deposit. Other than this, agreements for short-term lets do not differ much from standard tenancy contracts.

How to find short-term accommodation in Munich

Websites advertising short-term rentals in Munich include:

Student rentals in Munich

With 13 universities and around 120,000 students, Munich has plenty of student accommodation with options including university halls of residence and private rented accommodation.

What is student accommodation like in Munich?

There is a vast range of student accommodation in Munich. It’s not always easy for students to find affordable accommodation. The Student Union offers around 11,000 rooms and apartments in halls of residence at three locations. Only around 13% of students in Munich live in dorms, with the rest opting for private rooms, apartments or flat-shares.

Cost of student accommodation in Munich

Costs for accommodation within student halls of residence in Munich vary depending on type, with the average cost of a single dorm being around €290 a month. All costs are included although parking is extra if required, charged at between €6-30 a month for students. The average cost for students living in private accommodation in Munich is between €400-650 a month including bills, depending on location.

What to expect in a student rental contract in Munich

Student tenancy agreements in Munich are largely the same as general tenancy contracts in terms of deposit, notice periods, rights and responsibilities. There is usually no sub-letting clause. A sample tenancy agreement can be found here.


How to find student rentals in Munich

Studentwerk Muenchen, the student union in the city, operate the student dorms within halls of residence in Munich. Waiting times are between 1-5 semesters so it’s advisable to apply early. You can submit an online application. The student union can also help students find suitable private accommodation once they leave halls of residence or if they’ve been unsuccessful with their application. Other sites that advertise private student rented accommodation in Munich are:

Lodging employees in Munich

Many companies based in Munich bring in workers from overseas who need a place to live in the city, sometimes short-term and sometimes long-term. Mr. Lodge works closely with companies in Germany to find suitable short-term housing for employees and their families. The staff at Mr. Lodge work closely with individual employers to ensure that newly relocated workers settle into life in Munich quickly and feel at home.

Social housing in Munich

Social housing is not common in Germany and property is mostly available to rent through the private sector. Instead, there is discounted state-subsidized housing which constitutes around 5% of housing in Germany. Subsidized housing can be found through housing companies (wohnungsunternehmen), housing associations (wohnungsgesellschaften) or co-operatives (wohnungbaugenossenschaft). Housing stock is managed in Germany at municipal level and many cities, including Munich, have committed to providing more subsidized homes for low-income residents by 2021.

Social housing is available in Munich to those on low incomes as well as groups such as single parents, elderly residents and pregnant women. Low earners can also claim housing allowance in the form of a rent subsidy (wohngeld) to meet rental costs. To apply for social housing, housing benefit or find out more information, you can contact the social services department at the Munich Town Hall.

Tenants rights in Munich

Housing law in Germany is broadly in favor of the tenant and protects them against things such as eviction without warning and excessive rent increases. You can read more about tenant rights in this guide to renting in Germany.

After the move to Munich

Once you’ve found a suitable property for renting in Munich, there are a few things you need to sort out. Firstly, if you’re living in Munich for longer than three months, you need to register your address at the local registration office (burgerburo) within two weeks of arriving. There are six burgerburos in Munich. Details are available, along with downloadable forms, on the Munich city website. If you want to access local healthcare, you will also need to find a doctor in Munich. See this guide to relocating to Germany for a full checklist of things to consider.

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