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Mobile and Online Banks in South Africa

Need a convenient alternative to traditional retail banks? Check out our listing of expat-friendly mobile and online banking options for your finances in South Africa:


Wise is an online banking and money transfer platform. Their services include global money transfers and multi-currency accounts, letting users receive payments in nine currencies. Make your move abroad seamless with the low-fee personal and business services on offer with Wise.

Other listings of Mobile and Online Banks in South Africa

Absa is a bank operating across South Africa. They have a variety of banking products and offer solutions for people sending and receiving money from abroad. They also provide online banking via their website and mobile app. Sign up today for financial services to suit your situation.

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Deutsche Bank is an international retail bank operating across South Africa. They offer a number of expat-friendly financial services in English, including bank accounts, credit cards, and cash withdrawals. Stay on top of your money by taking out an account with Deutsche Bank.

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EasyFX is an international transfer and payment platform. Designed with travelers and holidaymakers in mind, EasyFX lets you spend like a local while abroad. Enjoy zero fees, a payment card for you and your family, and a simple way to manage your funds with EasyFX.

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First National Bank (FNB) is one of the 'big five' banks in South Africa. They offer a range of current accounts, credit cards, and global accounts. They also provide digital banking services including international online transfers and paper-free mobile accounts. Visit FNB to manage your money.

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