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Last update on January 27, 2021

Owning a property in the Netherlands is a valuable investment. With housing prices in the Netherlands still on the rise, renting out your property to expats after you leave the Netherlands can increase your eventual profit.

Expats in the Netherlands that plan to leave the country may consider selling their home or apartment, but they have another option that may prove even more lucrative: renting the property to other expats. Here, we explain the benefits of letting property on the Dutch rental market, and what considerations you should make.

House prices in the Netherlands still climbing

Selling your property can be a costly endeavour, especially if you bought the property at a peak time. The Dutch housing market took a hit following the economic crisis of 2008, with housing prices falling nationally that year by double-digit percentages – figures vary, but some reports claim as high as 22%.

According to the Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics, house prices are currently rising by 8.6% per year. But as the market value of your property rises, so does your chance of earning a higher profit when you do decide to sell.

Benefits of using a Dutch rental agent

Whether your home is your residence or an investment property, navigating the process of getting the best rental price, risk-free tenants, and ensuring your property is well managed can be daunting. To ease your mind, find a rental agent in the Netherlands.

Compared to renting out property privately, a Dutch rental agent has some advantages:

> Rental agents know the potential value. Rental agencies have access to a wealth of data to ensure you get a competitive monthly rate that represents the true value of your apartment.

> An agency can tap into a larger pool of renters. A local rental agent generally has relationships with multinational companies or with relocation agencies. Furthermore, most rental agencies in the Netherlands belong to established rental organizations such as the Dutch Association of Real Estate Agents (Nederlandse Vereniging van Makelaars – NVM) or a regional branch of this such as the Real Estate Association Amsterdam (Makelaarsverening Amsterdam – MVA). They often use the same legal team to draft contracts and give preference to others in the network.

> Rental agents can manage your property locally. Some rental agencies provide comprehensive property management services, in which the agency monitors the home or apartment when the property owner cannot.

Other agencies often provide keyholding or mail collection at no extra cost, but continuous responsibilities such as rental payments or dealing with emergencies may be part of a property management package. Agencies may not offer this service directly; partner with a trusted company that does.


> Rental agents know the laws. Renters in the Netherlands have strong protection, especially regarding contracts. A rental agent knows Dutch housing laws, which ensures you choose the right contract without any hidden surprises.

Dutch law gives landlords more rights

Renters have held a lot of rights that made it potentially difficult for a landlord to evict them other than in extreme cases when a rental agreement had expired.

While renters still have many rights, as of July 2016, it is now possible for landlords to terminate a temporary lease without having grounds. However, the new contract stipulates that renters can end contracts at any time provided they give one month’s notice; additionally, once a contract is extended, renters can stay indefinitely and the owner cannot evict them. Temporary leaves have also been broadened, allowing for young people and large families to take advantage of the law.

A Dutch rental agent can provide guidance regarding these new rental contracts, and help draft one that protects you and the tenant equally.

How to find risk-free tenants

A Dutch rental agency will conduct a background check to ensure that prospective tenants are trustworthy, have a good renting track record and have the means to pay the rent. Additionally, a rental agent can draft a contract for you that ensures a tenant leaves when the term of the contract has expired.

Expats are the ideal tenants for your property, whether it is an apartment or home in which you lived as an expat in the Netherlands or a property you bought as an investor.

Expats tend to be trustworthy tenants with guaranteed income and a fixed period of stay in the country. This generally guarantees to the property owner that rent will be paid on time and in full, and the tenants will not overstay their contract. While there is no such thing as a risk-free contract, an experienced rental agency in the Netherlands can reduce the risk of troublesome tenants

Tax issues when letting property

If you rent out property in the Netherlands that you own, it is the value of the property — called the WOZ-value — that is taxed, minus the mortgage amount. This is taxed annually in box 3, where income from savings and investments in the Netherlands is reported. When you choose to rent your property, you no longer deduct the mortgage interest. If you live outside of the Netherlands while letting a Dutch property, not all assets fall under this category.

Detached house on water

The rate of taxation for box 3 is 30 percent, based on the assumption that a taxable yield of 4 percent is made on the net assets. The effect is an annual tax of 1.2 percent on the value of the assets. Find out further information about taxes on investments in immovable properties at the Dutch tax authority.

Renting out your home in Amsterdam

Here is a list of expat housing brokers in Amsterdam:

Keij & Stefels Real Estate

Paulus Potterstraat 26, 1071 DA Amsterdam

Tel: 020-5775333


Smit & Heinen Real Estate

Van Woustraat 161, 1074 AK Amsterdam

Tel: 020-6727074


Mooijikind Vleut Real Estate

Hendrik Jacobszstraat 10, 1075 PD Amsterdam

Tel: 020-8002383


Peter Bruin Real Estate

Valeriusplein 22, 1075 BH Amsterdam

Tel: 020-6768022


KNAP Real Estate

Weesperzidje 107, 1091 EN Amsterdam

Tel: 020-2015533


Amsterdam Management Society

Oranje Nassaulaan 20, 1075 AN Amsterdam

Tel: 020-6760788


Pro Real Estate

Lomenstraat 53hs, 1075 PV Amsterdam

Tel: 088-5612345


Ramon Mossel Real Estate

Maasstraat 128, 1078 HP Amsterdam

Tel: 020-3052662


A full list of certified expat providers can be found on the MVA website.

Renting out your home in Den Haag

Housing brokers in The Hague (Den Haag):

Beeuwkes Real Estate

Van Alkemadelaan 338, 2597 AS Den Haag

Tel: 070-3143000


The Hague Real Estate

Lange Vorhoot 53, 2514 EC Den Haag

Tel: 070-2141077


Expat & Property Management

Adriaan Pauwstraat 41A, 2582 AP Den Haag

Tel: 070-3389483


Rotsvast Den Haag

Anna Paulownastraat 73, 2518 BC Den Haag

Tel: 070-3474840


Tulip Expat Services

Malakkastraat 88, 2585 SR Den Haag

Tel: 070-2208156


A full list of NVM certified realtors in Den Haag can be found here.

Renting out your home in Rotterdam

Expat housing brokers in Rotterdam:

Expat Housing Rotterdam

Rododendronplein 7A, 3053 ES Rotterdam

Tel: 010-8462825


Rotterdam Expat BV

Kleiweg 95B, 3051 GK Rotterdam

Tel: 010-2040661


Riva Rentals

Oostzeedijk Beneden 193-195, 3061 VS Rotterdam

Tel: 010-2361795


Boer Real Estate

Veerlaan 18, 3072 ZV Rotterdam

Tel: 010-4122030


Kettner Real Estate

Kralingse Plaslaan 9, 3062 DA Rotterdam

Tel: 010-4526555


A full list of NVM certified realtors in Rotterdam can be found here.