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Last update on April 03, 2020

How difficult is it to find love in Luxembourg, and does everybody really know everyone? Before you jump into dating in Luxembourg, here’s what you need to know about the important quirks and customs in the Grand Duchy and popular Luxembourg dating sites.

Before embarking on dating in Luxembourg, it can be very helpful to get your head around the uniqueness of this great country. Starting a relationship with someone from another culture can be complicated enough, but in Luxembourg, there can be an extra layer of complexity you might not have experienced in your home country.

While there are no fixed rules for dating when living in Luxembourg, this guide explains some basic etiquette about how people in Luxembourg customarily behave in their personal lives and offers some tips to help you understand men and women in your new home.

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Understanding Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a unique place, in that many people you meet on a day-to-day basis through work won’t actually live in the country at all. In fact, more than 150,000 people commute into Luxembourg for work from one of its neighbours – Belgium, Germany and France.

Workers are attracted to Luxembourg by its lucrative status and highly regarded international corporations. The country is one of the most affluent in the world, and is the second richest by per capita GDP – but people also love it for its beauty, with stunning castles, a good selection of museums, rolling hills and no shortage of leisure options.

Dating in Luxembourg

With Luxembourg being a comparatively small place, natives here show a great deal of loyalty to their families, and many people remain live in the same area throughout their lives. The majority of people in Luxembourg are Roman Catholic.

Of course, dating in Luxembourg can be a bit hit and miss with such a transient population, but there are certain facets of the psyche here that can be useful to know when embarking on dating.

Dating in Luxembourg

It can be especially tough to connect romantically with people in a country such as Luxembourg, where people have such busy work schedules.

Indeed, part of the issue may not centre on meeting people – but rather, meeting new people. Luxembourg is a very small place compared to other European countries, so while it’s not necessarily true that ‘everybody knows everyone’, you’re unlikely to find as large a dating pool as you would in other major European cities.

The burden usually falls on men to ask women out on dates, rather than vice-versa, as in some nearby countries – and while men are generally known to pay for the first date, splitting the bill isn’t uncommon.

If you are lucky enough to go on a date in Luxembourg, there are a few customs to observe. Dating culture, like business culture, is a patient process here. Greetings are fairly reserved, and you should shake hands the first time you meet your date. During the date, being excessively expressive can be frowned upon, and over-the-top hand gestures can be considered impolite.

Punctuality is highly valued in Luxembourg, so arrive 15 minutes before your planned meeting time.Chivalry is important too, so if you’re dating a woman for the first time, bring flowers for her – but ensure you always carry them in an odd number. Dining etiquette is important in Luxembourg, and table manners are quite formal.

While the dress code tends to be fairly casual, there are still various other ways you can offend your date. Bluntness is considered rude, so remain polite at all times, and walking around with your hands in your pockets is also highly frowned upon.

After dinner, tipping is customary – and not tipping could be seen as an indication that you’re unhappy with the food or the service. Tips, however, aren’t as central in Luxembourg as they are in the United States, and people will usually leave 5-10%.

Luxembourgers are often quite reserved and private, and may not be as forthcoming with their emotions as people from other countries. With that in mind, you’re unlikely to be asked probing questions on a date – and friendships formed with people at work don’t usually carry through to office hours.

Dating in Luxembourg: Establishing a relationship

In truth, developing relationships can be a slow business in such a reserved country, but trust is established over time.

Once you’re past the first date or two and know someone on a private level, it’s customary to exchange three kisses on the cheeks – starting with the right.

Luxembourg dating sites

When you meet your partner’s family, you should take a gift for them. Again, a bouquet of flowers is acceptable – but avoid chrysanthemums as they’re associated with funerals. If other guests are present, don’t be offended if your gift isn’t opened until they leave.

If you’re lucky enough to meet your ideal partner in Luxembourg and get engaged, there’s plenty of fun to come at the wedding. There are various Luxembourgish traditions, which include tricks being played on the bride and groom. In fact, if you’re a younger sibling getting married before your older brother or sister, they’ll usually be given a goat at the wedding as a prank!

Where should you go to start dating in Luxembourg?

In such a transient country, you might find it difficult on local online dating if you only speak English, but luckily, there are plenty of places in Luxembourg where English speakers can socialise, with bars such as Konrad, Scott’s, Tube, Art Scene, Urban Bar and Rock Solid among the popular options. Elsewhere, for an upmarket option, consider Octans, or for cafe culture head to Cafe des Capucins.

While Luxembourg has a fairly serious reputation, that doesn’t mean that people here don’t have fun. Indeed, if you’re looking for after-hours entertainment, there are plenty of lively bars clustered along Rue du Marche-Aux-Herbes, where crowds spill onto the street with beer bottles and cocktail glasses in the summer. There are also places to head to late in the evening, with a couple of clubs that open through the night.

Aside from its partying scene, Luxembourg has a great wine culture – with the Moselle Valley famous for its grape growing. This means that in the City of Luxembourg you’ll find plenty of places with well-stocked wine cellars. It’s not all about wine, either – Luxembourg produces a handful of popular beers and even has its own microbreweries.

Have you heard about Oberweis? This is where the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess have placed orders for the best cakes going, while the Chocolate House belongs in a centuries-old building and offers up 50 different varieties of chocolate.

Luxembourg dating sites

Well-known online dating websites such as Tinder are available in Luxembourg, as are Okcupid and Badoo. Again, some people are reluctant to use these sites because of the likelihood of matching with people they already know. With this in mind, it’s important not to get a negative reputation on the Luxembourg dating scene, as in such a small market it will precede you.

If you do have a negative dating experience in Luxembourg, it’ll be hard to avoid that person in the future unless one of you moves away. That means you’ll need a certain level of emotional maturity and learn to mentally move on from any failed romantic situations.