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Getting a divorce in Luxembourg

Divorce can feel like uncharted territory as an expat. Here are the steps to take when filing for a divorce in Luxembourg.

Divorce Luxembourg

By Expatica

Updated 8-1-2024

The divorce rate in Luxembourg is around 1,000 divorces per year. Roughly half of divorces in Luxembourg involve non-Luxembourgish citizens. Divorce in a relationship is an emotional time, difficult and full of bumps. If you divorce in Luxembourg, there are key steps and laws to help guide you through the process.


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Divorce law in Luxembourg: Mutual consent, grounds of fault or separation

Divorce law in Luxembourg divides the means of separation into three areas: mutual consent, grounds of fault (violence) and irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. Marriages can only dissolve in court and by court proceedings; no other form of mediation is legally possible. In any case, the court can dismiss a request if the divorce leads to an unstable home environment for children, and in some cases also the spouse.

Divorce in Luxembourg by mutual consent is possible after two years of marriage. Both spouses must be a minimum age of 23. Agreements must be made that decides where each spouse will live during the divorce proceedings, and the two usual issues to clear are property assets and children arrangements. When dividing property, there must be a notary preesent to legally create an inventory and estimate a value. Spouses can choose to remain living in Luxembourg or abroad. Remember that two court meetings require your presence in Luxembourg, however.

Spouses must have a plan projecting the future of their children’s upbringing that both can agree to. What are the arrangements during and after the proceedings? Who will the children live with? Joint custody is not possible in Luxembourg. How will each spouse make their efforts to match their children’s upbringing with equal responsibility? The spouse who does not hold custody should expect to make maintenance payments to the spouse who holds custody. Both spouses must agree on these points in writing.

Grounds of fault

In Luxembourg, the phrase ‘grounds of fault’ refers to physical violence or moral cruelty in the marriage. Proof must show serious violation or repetition of violence occurred to a point where marriage is insufferable. The spouse who loses this case goes through an avantages matrimoniaux and all marital benefits in the original marriage contract are forfieted.

Grounds of separation

Divorce in Luxembourg by separation can go two ways. One way is showing that there has been a constant separation between the two spouses for at least three years, and that the break up is permanent. The second way is to prove that a separation for at least five years has taken place due to incurable mental disorder from one or both spouses that have disrupted the marriage to a point of collapse.

Child custody

For many who go through a divorce, the custody of children will be the biggest factor to consider. In Luxembourg, no joint custody is possible. However, the other parent still has visiting rights, accommodation rights, and supervisory rights possibilities that the proceedings will discuss. Write and agree as specifically as possible an outline of childcare, both during the divorce and in the future. Make a few copies; the court will request them, as will attorneys.

The surname

The rights to keep one another’s surname is circumstantial. For example, a divorced woman can still use the former husband’s name if he agrees to it, although he can withdraw at anytime and this rule does not apply with divorce on the grounds of fault. There may be time limits to give the spouse room to adjust the change of surnames if something like the name of their business would result in financial strain. In the case of a ‘grounds of fault’ divorce, the spouse forfeits any connection to the marriage-adopted surname.


Is there Luxembourgish property in your divorce? The first step is to take back all property that was owned by either or spouse, then see what’s left. Any joint property, assets, and liabilities are liquidated and value is estimated by an objective notary. Each spouse puts together a statement on what they believe is owed to them from this joint liquidated estate pool, and the court makes the final decision.

In Luxembourg, when a spouse applies for a divorce, the option of a legal separation is always a possibility. A legal separation does not completely dissolve a marriage. However, it does recognize that the relationship is pulled apart in a sense. Spouses no longer have to live together, for the same reasons why spouses would apply for divorce, though mutual support for one another and fidelity are still binding agreements. After three years of separation, both spouses can file for a divorce, and the divorce can be granted even if the request is one-sided.

Marriage annulment

It’s not very common, but sometimes spouses file for divorce when the marriage was never deemed valid. If the marriage contract was signed without consent of the spouses, signed while spouses were married to others (bigamy), or signed by spouses under the age of 18 without parental consent. Lastly the marriage can be annulled if the formal criteria was not met: publicly contracted and signed before witnesses, without a licensed marriage authorizer or following the traditional banns rules of relevant religious denominations.

How to file for divorce in Luxembourg

The first step is to submit the application for divorce, legal separation or marriage annulment to your District Court.

There are two judicial districts in Luxembourg. If you are unsure, check this directory on SYVICOL to find your local commune:

  • Luxembourg district court – cantons of Capellen, Esch-sur-Alzette, Grevenmacher, Luxembourg, Mersch and Remich.
  • Diekirch district court – cantons of Clervaux, Diekirch, Echternach, Redange, Vianden and Wiltz.

If the divorce needs to be issued by a court outside Luxembourg, the European Union member states automatically recognizes the other court’s decision. This may differ for non-EU countries; in that case, research what the other country’s legal courts expect.

The second step is to have legal representation; having a lawyer is mandatory unless the divorce is by mutual consent. When submitting the case, the judge examines it, looking for descriptions about the spouses and children, specifics, and proof that lead the divorce to grounds of fault or irretrievable breakdown of marriage. Be sure to include a copy of the marriage certificate. The summons can also include details on maintenance of property, child custody concerns and other similar issues.

Those with a mutual consent divorce must include the agreement created and sign that concludes decisions on property rights and child maintenance, contributions made to maintain children, where the spouses are living during and after the proceedings, and the documents that show a notary has done inventory and an estimate of their property. Give a signed copy of this division of assets, property, etc., to your property notary. When the documents are in order, including the application form, the notary documents, the marriage certificate and children’s birth certificates, both spouses submit their application together in person to the civil court district president. A lawyer or notary present is not necessary. Six months later the spouses must appear again together in person at the court to restate their divorce. It is then when the court grants or refuses the divorce.

Appealing a divorce

An appeal is possible within 40 days after the court decision (residents abroad can get extensions). All appeals go to the Supreme Court of justice.

If you are going through a divorce in Luxembourg, and want to know more about divorce law in Luxembourg, the American embassy has a PDF list of attorneys in Luxembourg who speak English. Learn more about Luxembourg’s legal system on the national justice department’s website.