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Last update on June 15, 2020

Here’s an overview of Expatica’s information regarding business in Portugal.

Starting a business abroad

Before you start your business abroad make sure you understand the local business culture. How do you register a business if you are an expat? What are the rules and regulations for expat entrepreneurs, including freelancers? Expatica’s business channel addresses the basics to help expats find their feet and start a business in the unfamiliar territory. Articles like ‘Starting a business in Portugal’ will point you in the right direction. Lacking confidence? Women expats should read ‘Ladies, it’s time to start your business!’ and ‘Women in business: the Silk Road to the top’.

Company law and work permits

Expatica’s Employment channel gives the lowdown on local labour law and offers tips for expat businesses and expat entrepreneurs.

Company expats

If you work as an expat in a big corporation or multinational company, make sure you understand the balance sheet methodology by reading the Expatica article, ‘The balance sheet basics’.

Business culture

Launching and running an expatriate-owned business might not be as straightforward as you imagined, especially when it comes to dealing with the locals. Learn about management culture in Portugal and avoid the classic pitfalls of the newcomer. Be a chameleon and join the new breed of international managers who work across countries and cultures with ease.

Business climate

Read about how the government in Portugal is managing its finances in the economic crisis and how its economy stands in relation to Europe and the rest of the world. Check out our Portuguese news.