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Last update on February 18, 2020
Written by Sarah de los Cobos 

Whether you have been in Spain or just feel an inner Spanish connection, here’s how to tell if you drink like a Spaniard – and the dilemmas you have adjusting to drinking anywhere else.

Once you get a taste of the liberal Spanish drinking habits and fiesta scene, it can be hard adjusting to drinking habits elsewhere in the world, as one expat found. How many Spanish drinking habits have you developed? Salud!

The drinking habits of a Spaniard

1. You try to order calimocho at every bar but bartenders don’t know how to make it or charge you for it.

2. You expect free chupitos just for walking into a club.

3. You won’t drink the sangria offered at your friend’s bridal shower.

4. You get in trouble with the law frequently for hosting a botellón.

5. You’re willing to road trip whatever distance for a copa de Mahou Clásica (a glass of one of Spain’s most popular beers).

6. You hardly go out with your friends any more because you’re still having dinner while they’re leaving the bar plastered.

7. You bring cava to dinner parties and defend its honour against champagne.

8. You order drinks at business lunches.

9. You’ve been found under your desk at work taking a siesta after lunch…more than once.

10. Every time you have to call a taxi before sunrise because the bars have closed, you’re extremely disappointed.

11. Your friends are sick of hearing you describe the difference between a caña, a tubo and a jarra of beer.

12. Nobody ever wants to chant ‘¡Pa’ arriba, pa’ abajo, pa’ all centro, pa’ dentro!‘ with you.

13. You’ve been kicked out of bars for throwing trash on the ground (as a sign of appreciation).

14. Your friends won’t go to dinner with you any more because you refuse to pay for appetizers.

15. You dream of the days when you could try 10 flavoured shots for EUR 1 each at a chupitería.

16. You have trouble watching fútbol because it just isn’t the same without cheap tapas and men yelling, “¡Corre! ¡Corre!”

17. You have the best drinking stamina of all your friends, which means you party alone a lot.

18. You throw a fit whenever your beer doesn’t come with a free bocadillo.

19. You’re the only one eating a dozen grapes at midnight instead of trying to score a New Year’s kiss.

20. While your friends are pounding beer in the summer, you’re all about getting a poolside buzz on with tinto de verano.

21. You always prep for a big night out by taking a siesta.

22. After every Spanish fútbol match, you can be found partying around the nearest fountain or open square chanting, “¡Yo soy Español, Español, Español!”

Reprinted with permission of Matador Network.

Sarah currently lives in southern California, after spending some time in Madrid. Her dream is to be able to work from anywhere, writing and serving others around the world. Her inspirations include architecture, flowers and gorgeous typeface. She is a morning person, an overachiever and also sings in the car every day. Find more on her travel blog Salted Adventures.