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The 10 best bars in Barcelona for a great night out

From slick rooftop terraces and quirky speakeasies to tropical beach bars and bustling beer halls, we explore the best bars in Barcelona.

Best bars in Barcelona

By Sophie Pettit

Updated 29-2-2024

Barcelona might be famous for its stunning Gaudi architecture, bustling beaches, and world-class football team. But beyond these major attractions, the sun-drenched city boasts a vibrant bar scene. And this continues to attract locals and tourists alike.

What’s more, the city’s watering holes cater to a huge variety of tastes and budgets; making a night out in Barcelona unique and enjoyable for all. Whether you prefer to sip on a cool craft beer, a full-bodied Spanish wine, or a mouthwatering cocktail, the city has you covered.

With so much choice on offer, however, planning your epic Barcelona bar crawl can feel overwhelming. So, to help you out, here are our favorite bars in Barcelona to make it a night to remember; or forget – if you plan on hitting the sangria hard!

1. CocoVail Beer Hall

Let’s start things off casual with some locally brewed craft beer and chicken wings. Located just around the corner from Casa Batlló in the heart of Barcelona, CocoVail Beer Hall remains one of the most popular bars in Barcelona; and for good reason. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a casual pint with friends, catch the big game on the big screen, or challenge your buddy to a game of Jenga, this is the place to be.

cocovail beer hall

Unsurprisingly, the lively Americana-style craft beer hall attracts an international crowd with its buzzing atmosphere, good tunes, and friendly staff. Aside from board games, it offers an impressive selection of 24 craft beers on tap and a menu of tasty American-style nibbles. Its weekly promotional nights with discounts and offers also help you save a buck or two. Put simply, this much-loved bar is your home away from home; with a catchy slogan – “Feel at Home” – to match.

CocoVail Beer Hall, C/ d’Aragó, 284, 08009 Barcelona

2. Dry Martini

If you prefer your poison “shaken, not stirred”, then make sure to pull up a stool at this world-famous martini bar in Barcelona. The iconic venue requires no fancy name given that its martinis alone are enough to attract its well-dressed clientele. Indeed, the sophisticated Bond-style bar has been specializing in its namesake since 1978. The bartenders certainly take their craft seriously, too; preparing each martini with a degree of precision that even 007 would be impressed by.

bars in barcelona: dry martini

Guests won’t feel overdressed either when they place their orders with the dabber waiters donning white tuxedos. Needless to say, if you fancy sipping on the best dry Martini in Barcelona in the comfort of a plush leather armchair, this is your spot.

Dry Martini, Carrer d’Aribau, 162, 166, 08036 Barcelona

3. Vai Moana

Located right on the front of the popular Bogatell Beach, Vai Moana is the ideal spot to watch the sun set over the ocean with a refreshing cocktail in hand. With its friendly service and rustic Polynesian-style vibe, this local favorite is charmingly simple and provides a laid-back setting for all ages to enjoy. It is also popular among families, owing to its kid-friendly menu that combines freshly prepared Mediterranean food and international dishes.

Vai Moana

Whether you fancy delving into a tasty Spanish paella, a refreshing Hawaiian Poke, or a meaty burger, it’s all on the table. Of course, these tasty dishes are served alongside a mouthwatering menu of classic and signature cocktails for the adults; the frozen margaritas are a particular hit. All of this can be enjoyed from the comfort of a sun bed or inside the bar.

Vai Moana, Av. del Litoral, s/n, 08005 Barcelona

4. Paradiso

If you enjoy your cocktails with a twist of adventure, then you will no doubt get a kick out of this hidden tropical speakeasy. Concealed behind a refrigerator door in a Pastrami Bar sandwich shop, Paradiso is an absolute feast for the senses. Decked out with dim amber lighting, a wooden Art Deco-style interior, and jungle wallpaper, the beautiful secret oasis is nothing short of imaginative. And this doesn’t stop with its interior, either.

Inside an empty Paradiso bar in Barcelona

Cocktails that change color and resemble gelato cones and snail shells also dazzle the eagerly awaiting guests. Such impressive creativity has earned the venue numerous awards. This includes a well-deserved spot (19) on The World’s 50 Best Bars list. Needless to say, Paradiso remains one of the most popular bars in Barcelona for those who enjoy a dash of mystery.

Paradiso, Carrer de Rera Palau, 4, 08003 Barcelona

5. El Diset

Wine lovers will no doubt revel in the delights on offer at this stylish but cozy venue. El Diset’s dim lighting, elegant wooden interior, and endless shelves of wine make it a popular spot for catching up with friends. And with more than 60 varieties of Spanish wine to choose from, most of which are from Catalonia, you won’t be short of options.

el diset

If you want to venture further afield, though, there are varieties of wine from France, Germany, and Italy; as well as white, red, rose, or sparkling. And if you’re in the mood to celebrate, the bar conveniently serves champagne by the glass. A simple yet delicious menu of cold cuts, cheese, and local delicacies also provides something tasty to pair with your tipple.

El Diset, Carrer Antic de Sant Joan, 3, 08003 Barcelona

6. Terrace at the Sercotel Rosellón

Fewer landmarks in Barcelona are more iconic than the stunning Sagrada Família. And what better way to admire Antoni Gaudí’s final masterpiece than from a relaxing terrace overlooking it? Indeed, if you want to avoid the crowds inside the basilica, while still marveling at its glory, then the Terrace at the Sercotel Rosellón is the ideal spot.

attic terrace

With plenty of loungers, deck chairs, and couches to kick back in, this is a great place to tuck into some tasty bar snacks and cocktails against an epic backdrop. Prices are also surprisingly reasonable given the bar’s prime location; with a beer or glass of wine costing around €4. The terrace is open until 22:00 during the summer; giving you plenty of time to lap up the fantastic view it has to offer.

Terrace at the Sercotel Rosellón, Carrer del Rosselló, 390, 08025 Barcelona

7. Dr. Stravinsky

Owned by the same mastermind behind the award-winning Paradiso, this alchemist-themed bar is another delight for the senses; especially if you flunked chemistry at school. Enter through the striking red doors of this hidden gem and you’ll soon be immersed in a world of liquids and potions. These are dramatically lit inside jars and flasks that line the walls of the bar; along with old-school lab equipment decked out inside glass cabinets.

bars in barcelona: dr. stravinsky

But don’t let these props fool you as almost all of these concoctions are actually made on-site and used in the cocktails. In fact, Stravinsky distills many of his own spirits inside his alchemist’s den. And his creative drinks – or rather, prescriptions – contain all the ingredients you might expect from the doc. Dill, thyme, kombucha, and kefir are among many that he infuses into his house-distilled spirits.

Dr. Stravinsky, Carrer dels Mirallers, 5, 08003 Barcelona

8. Bar Marsella

If you’re looking to step back in time and immerse yourself in local history, then fewer bars deliver quite like Bar Marsella. Hailed as the oldest bar in Barcelona, this 200-year-old establishment is overflowing with character. Peeling ceilings, cobweb-covered chandeliers, and tatty floor tiles create the feeling of stepping inside a museum rather than a watering hole. The fact that famous figures like Dalí, Picasso, Gaudí, and Hemingway were once regulars here makes it feel all the more authentic.

bar marsella

Bar Marsella’s unique appeal attracts an eclectic mix of locals and tourists who appreciate the Bohemian way of life and gritty underbelly of Barcelona’s social scene. Tucked away off the bottom of the Rambla de Raval, the bar is somewhat of a hidden gem too, adding even more to its intrigue. This does, however, mean that it fills up fast, so make sure you arrive at opening time to sample its famous absinthe or rocket-fuel strength cocktails.

Bar Marsella, Carrer de Sant Pau, 65, 08001 Barcelona

9. Harlem Jazz Club

If you’re looking to enjoy some live music in a casual setting, then Harlem Jazz is the place to be. Located in a quiet street in the heart of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, this popular mainstay has been entertaining punters since 1987 with its lineup of local and international performers. Whether you like jazz, blues, reggae, or Latin, you’ll find it right here inside the city’s oldest concert hall.

harlem jazz club barcelona

Despite its dark and sultry setting, the club provides a welcoming and intimate space that encourages audience interaction. Gigs are held almost every day of the week, followed by a DJ set that helps to fill the dance floor. Although you typically need a ticket to get in, it’s worth the small fee when you get to enjoy a buzzing atmosphere and reasonably priced drinks.

Harlem Jazz Club, Carrer de la Comtessa de Sobradiel, 8, 08002 Barcelona

10. El Bosc de les Fades

If you grew up loving fairy tales, then no bar in Barcelona will awaken your inner child like this enchanting forest-themed hideaway. Put simply, El Bosc de les Fades will take you on a journey back to your childhood. The bar’s name, which means “the forest of the fairies”, combines a mixture of waxwork characters, forest-like surroundings, and natural sound effects to immerse guests in a magical woodland. This is made all the more enchanting by the array of glowing lanterns that hang from the branches overhead; not to mention the tree trunk tables dotted around the venue.

bars in barcelona: el bosc de les fades barcelona

In fact, there are so many intricate details to feast your eyes upon that you might even forget to order a drink! If you do, though, there are some great cocktails and sangria on offer. Amazingly, despite being located down a narrow alley off the busy Las Ramblas, this so-called secret bar is surprisingly quiet. Therefore, it’s a great option for relaxing and enjoying a drink or two with friends. The fact that said drinks are even cheaper than many nearby bars in Barcelona is a bonus, too.

El Bosc de les Fades, Passatge de la Banca, 7, 08002 Barcelona