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Last update on 15/09/2021

This guide includes information about the South African Dental Association and other areas of dentistry in South Africa. Get to grips with dental insurance in South Africa and discover where you can find an oral hygienist or dentist in Cape Town or another of the popular cities.

Dental care in South Africa is of a good quality, but it might not be covered in your private health insurance plan in South africa. Dentists often advise patients to attend regular check-ups (at least one per year). Find your local center for dentistry in South Africa below.

Find a dentist in Cape Town (or another South African city)

It’s easy to find a dentist in South Africa, whether through your insurance provider, personal recommendations, or internet listings.

Two regulatory bodies oversee dentistry in South Africa: the South African Dental Association (SADA) and the Dental Therapy Association of South Africa. These bodies are part of the World Health Organization and ensure the highest standard of oral healthcare.

Dentistry in South Africa: Dental tourism

Medical tourism is popular in South Africa, with Cape Town and Johannesburg particularly popular places for foreign visitors in search of high-quality care at a lower price than they might expect in their home countries.

Dental insurance in South Africa

Dentist in Cape Town

Dental care is a bit of an outlier when it comes to private health insurance in South Africa. It’s not always part of standard healthcare plans. In some cases, your annual premiums rise significantly if you choose to add it in. Health insurance companies which provide dental coverage in South Africa include:

State-provided dentistry in South Africa

If you’re entitled to have your healthcare subsidized by the government in the form of co-payments, these also apply to dental care, although it’s generally only offered in the most basic manner in state clinics. Further subsidies are available for dentures, for pensioners in South Africa or people who have been institutionalized.

The cost of dental care can be quite high, but budget options are available in some clinics where dental students provide out of hours services as part of their training. For those who live in more remote areas, outreach services are offered periodically throughout the year.

As with visiting the doctor, you’ll need to fill out an application form and show identification to sign up the first time you attend the clinic.

Specialist dental insurance in South Africa

If you need specialist (or more complicated) treatment, you may need to speak to your insurer first to clear this. Specialist dentistry treatments that require prior authorization usually include crowns and bridgework, implants, and orthodontics. If your treatment requires you to go to the hospital and be sedated, you’ll need to check your healthcare plan covers this.

South African Dental Association

Basic dental places usually include one dental consultation per year, and in some cases fillings and x-rays too. Mid-range plans usually cover you (and your family if applicable) up to a for treatment up to a fixed cost each year, while comprehensive dental plans will cover everything – although you may still have to pay a co-payment for the most expensive treatments.

Oral hygienists in Cape Town

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Find a dentist in Cape Town

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