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Home News DUP leader concedes Sinn Fein set to win Northern Ireland polls

DUP leader concedes Sinn Fein set to win Northern Ireland polls

Published on 07/05/2022
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Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party leader Jeffrey Donaldson conceded Saturday that his nationalist rivals in Sinn Fein were on course for a historic election victory.

“Certainly it looks at the moment as if Sinn Fein will emerge as the largest party,” he told Sky News, while reiterating that the DUP would refuse to join a new government without changes to a post-Brexit trading deal between the UK and EU.

Donaldson demanded that Prime Minister Boris Johnson “deliver on his word to honour the commitments he has given and to take the action that is necessary” on the Northern Ireland Protocol.

He urged “decisive action by the government to remove the Irish Sea border, because we don’t believe it is acceptable or necessary to have checks on goods moving within the United Kingdom”.

While Sinn Fein will get to nominate a first minister, Northern Ireland’s power-sharing government cannot form unless the DUP agrees to take part.

“I want a government in Northern Ireland, but it has to be one based on stable foundations,” Donaldson said.

“And the long shadow of the Northern Ireland Protocol is harming our economy, it’s harming political stability.”