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David Cook

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David Cook
David Cook

Hi David,
My wife and I currently live in the UK. I am French, she is British.
We own a limited company each. Both companies generate their income online. We can basically live wherever we want and be digital nomads.
We would love to live in Barcelona for as much time as legally possible without having to pay standard Spanish taxes. I understand there is a 183 days per year rule for Spanish residency. My questions are:
1- is there a way to keep the business taxed in the UK (or in any low tax country) and spend more than the 183 days a year in Spain?
2- are the 183 days within a calendar year OR on a rolling 12-month basis?
3- I read somewhere that there is a type of Spanish residency where business income from outside of Spain is not taxed for 5 years. Can you please clarify that?
Many thanks!

by Robert on 18 Sep 2017 Read Answer
David Cook
David Cook

Hi, I am an EU citizen thinking of moving to Spain to live and have no intention of working there. My sole source of income is from interest payable from worldwide savings accounts. Around 20k euro a year. Can you tell me what sort of taxes I would be liable for? Many thanks

by alan on 12 Sep 2017 Read Answer
David Cook
David Cook

I am going to start working for a company in Gibraltar and I am considering living across the border in Linea. My employer withholds a 20% tax and 200 Euro per month for social security. Will i have to file and pay income tax in Spain? If yes at what rate (my gross salary is 40,000 pounds) and will I get credit for the taxes paid in Gibraltar?

by ANGELOS PAPOULIAS on 07 Sep 2017 Read Answer
David Cook
David Cook

Roughly, on an income of €15,000 for a couple aged 69 and 80 how much tax would be liable for. I have searched online but can't find information without going into the govt. website.

by Evelyn Howard on 07 Sep 2017 Read Answer
David Cook
David Cook


I've been offered from a company that is located in Barcelona. So, I'm going to come to Spain to work in 1-2 months from Turkey and I've never lived/worked in outside my country.

Gross sallary will be around 31,5k, with bonuses max. 42k per year. And my question is how could I benefit from Beckham Law? Is it possible? What's the procedure? Which form should I fill to apply? Also, Will I give income tax for first 183 days or not?

Thanks a lot!
Best Regards,

by koray edis on 04 Sep 2017 Read Answer
David Cook
David Cook

We are a married couple and have been interviews for a job managing a holiday property near Malaga. We would (a) live in at the property in a self-contained annexe with all bills paid (b) use the on-site car to run errands etc. for the property and (c) be paid E1000 each per month.

However, the British property owner advises us that we would need to be self-employed - we would not be employees.

We would let out our two flats in the UK with the rent from one paying the mortgage on the other so the money would not 'come into' Spain.

There is so much conflicting advice - we are going round in circles and can't work out what our tax and legal position would be.

Any advice gratefully received. We are not sure it will be worth accepting the job with the taxes and social security payments - plus the possible tax due on the property we let out in the UK.

If we did accept - are you anywhere near Marbella to handle our affairs?

by Jessica Andrews on 30 Aug 2017 Read Answer
David Cook
David Cook

Hi David,

I have never worked in Spain and haven't lived in Spain since August 2006, although I am a Spanish citizen. I have nevertheless collaborated with a university in Spain and they have retained 21% of my collaborations with them for the last 4 years. But I have done this from Asia and North America, as these were online courses.

I am being offer a job in Spain now and they're telling I could benefit from the Beckham law and pay only 24% for the first 5 years.

Do you know if that would apply? I have never declared taxes in Spain, since I have lived abroad all these years.

Thank you very much!


by Juan Gonzalez on 30 Aug 2017 Read Answer
David Cook
David Cook

Hello David,

Am looking for some advice - well, been looking for a while and cannot find any concrete answers.

Basically for someone who is becoming self employed in Spain (I intend to next year) but working primarily with self employed people in the UK how does VAT/IVA charging work?

Most of the clients I will be billing are self employed in the UK without VAT numbers because of the threshold amount in the UK. If the client in the UK 'is' VAT registered it's not an issue because I can charge IVA at 0% because of the reverse VAT within the EU. But, for self employed people in the UK who do no need to be VAT registered what happens? Adding VAT (IVA) to their billing is confusing to them as well as bumping up the price. It's confusing to Spanish accountants and gestors because many don't seem to understand that you don't actually need a VAT number unless you are over an earning threshold - unlike here in Spain where you have to have one before submitting an invoice.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks - Andy

by Andy on 20 Aug 2017 Read Answer
David Cook
David Cook

Hi David,

I hope you are well. I am looking for a tax advisor who is familiar with UK and Spanish tax as I look into how to structure my earnings when I move to Spain.

My issues:

1. I am moving to Spain provisionally for 1-2 years.
2. My family own properties, some of which are in my name.
3. I am going to work with an agency in the UK who expect me to set up a limited company or use an umbrella - anomaly here is I'll be residing in Spain whilst providing consultancy services.
4. Many consultants that live abroad operate under UK companies.
5. I have a friend in Spain who owns his own company and has offered for me to use this as an umbrella.

I really need a steer on whether I set up my own UK company for the first year or whether I need to set up with the Spanish entity from the outset.

Any advice or recommendations on who to speak to would be great.

Many thanks


by Sadie Kay on 14 Aug 2017 Read Answer
David Cook
David Cook


I am a Romanian citizen (EU citizen) working and living in Romania. I'm looking to move with my wife in Spain but i will continue working for the Romanian company while living in Barcelona. Could you tell me if there are any income taxes that I will have to pay in this case and do I need to register for social security number?

Thank you,

by Alex on 03 Aug 2017 Read Answer

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