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Last update on February 25, 2019

On the trail of coffee in the land of cheese and chocolate? No need to worry – Switzerland’s got your caffeine addiction covered. Learn all about the Swiss coffee traditions, how to order your fix, and the best cafés to get a fabulous cup.

Switzerland’s coveted coffee culture is hush-hush. Think sophistication and a quiet elegance – these things that spell Swiss culture, also speak volumes about Swiss coffee traditions.

Switzerland gave us Nespresso, coffee that’s won the hearts of many for being the perfect balance between taste and convenience. So, the renowned coffee purveyors from Lausanne give us a sneak peek into the Swiss coffee culture. From the sanctity of a ‘coffee break’ to how Swiss people like their beverage, they have the low down on what works and what doesn’t.


Nespresso has been providing an exceptional range of high quality coffee since 1986 and has a full portfolio of coffee blends and styles. Revolutionizing the way people wake up with the perfect cup of coffee, they offer a multitude of intensity and aroma varieties to suit every palate.

Morning coffee in Switzerland

We are what we eat, and drink: food is a good indicator of culture and tradition. A morning typically begins with two things in a Swiss home – coffee and a gipfeli (Swiss German for croissant). Earlier, one may have preferred drinking coffee in the relaxed environs of home, with coffee outside involving a quick takeaway before work at a barista’s window. But now, there is more inclination to take that break and sit at a café, sip a kaffee-crème or a cappuccino with a generous sprinkling of chocolate on top.

How do the Swiss like their coffee?

Coffee in Switzerland has been around for a long, long time. Even in the 17th century, coffee houses were alive and thriving in Neuchatel and Geneva among other places. And with the country being a melting pot of different cultures – German, French, and Italian – the coffee scene is quite varied and different, too. Here are some favourites that you can try when in Switzerland:

  • Kaffe-crème: Add some cream to that perfectly brewed espresso, and…voila! You have what might easily the most popular form of coffee in the country.
  • Schale: Literally, a bowl! Having a rough morning that can be brightened only by copious amounts of coffee? Schale it up! This cup of coffee with milk will work its magic in no time.
  • Luzerner Kafi: Caffeine not doing the trick on its own? Bring on the wine. This popular winter drink is a winner on those cold, dreary afternoons. A dash of wine added to extremely thin coffee with sugar. What’s not to like?
  • Espresso: Deceptively tricky to brew, this ‘humble’ shot in a tiny cup is a universal favourite. Locals like their brew strong and dark – a classic Espresso.

The best brands of Swiss coffee

Swiss coffee holds its own among other coffee giants in the world: if you’re wondering how coffee-drinking became a national pastime in this country that doesn’t grow coffee, here’s something to think about – almost three-quarters of the world’s coffee trade happens in Switzerland. And Swiss people are among the top consumers of coffee on the planet!


You’ll be surprised how many of your favourite brands of coffee are Swiss. Along with Nespresso, Nescafé’s infamous and delicious instant brews also herald from Switzerland, as well as Movenpick’s array of fine coffee products – from instant to whole beans.

A prime example of the Swiss taste for the more refined side of life, even cigar-purveyor Davidoff carries a whole line of coffee concoctions, including limited editions bags and gift boxes. You are in no danger of running out of joe in Switzerland, at home or at the café counter.

Where to drink the best coffee in Switzerland  

This is like choosing a favourite child. Bad coffee isn’t common in Switzerland, and happens to only the unluckiest. But fabulous coffee, on the other hand, is a given. When you’re in the country, visit one of these for a steaming cup of coffee that won’t disappoint:

  • Bovelli in Zurich: Italian coffee served with a smile and perhaps some friendly conversation – Bovelli is chic meets casual.
  • Mame in Zurich: Swiss-Barista champions Emi and Mathieu have one mission – to bring single-origin coffee into the regular café-goer’s evening. Emi, originally from Japan, is a World Brewers Cup Champion, and she believes that the café culture in Switzerland has transformed in the last few years.
  • Café Fruhling in Basel: Locally roasted coffee, milk and all other produce sourced organically and regionally – these are just a few ways in which the owners of this café keep sustainability alive. Single origin coffees from their own roasting plant make for divine cups of joe.
  • Adrianos in Bern: A chic, bustling café moonlighting as a cocktail bar, Adrianos is a Bern rite of passage for coffee lovers. Want to watch coffee being roasted? Take heart! Every Tuesday and Friday, customers can watch as the coffee beans are roasted and prepped for your cuppa!
  • Boreal in Geneva: Ambiance is a deciding factor in choosing a café. But what good is it when the coffee is disappointing? Boreal serves some of the best coffee in a chic, urban environment. If you are catching up on some work, you’ve got free Wi-Fi and great coffee to keep you going.

If you want to know more interesting facts about your favourite beverage and how it is brewed, cafes like the Coffee Lab Zurich have barista courses, and even latte art sessions.

Coffee is more than just a beverage that wakes you up in time for that morning meeting. For some, it is that cup of Nespresso that your partner wakes you up with, and for others it’s that cup over which you bond with your friends. At least now you know: when you’re in the land of chocolate and edelweiss flowers, you won’t be disappointed.