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Home News Silent march for murdered policewoman

Silent march for murdered policewoman

Published on 09/12/2007

Decmber 10 -- In the town of Lot (province of Flemish Brabant) some 300 people took part in a silent procession for Kitty Van Nieuwenhuyzen, the policewoman who was shot dead in the midst of a car theft early Tuesday morning. The three thieves were caught red-handed in the act of stealing the car. They got away and are still at large.

Some 300 people, including police officers, police academy students, family and friends turned out on Sunday to pay tribute to the murdered policewoman. Flowers marked the place where Kitty Van Niewenhuyzen was shot dead, and speeches were held.

Mayor Hugo Casaer (Flemish Christian democrat, photo) thanked everyone for their support and solidarity with the Van Nieuwenhuyzen family.

Mayor Casaer awarded the murdered policewoman an honorary medal.

"Our community will not forget her,"’ said the mayor. Attention was also drawn to two other victims, injured during the car-jacking incident: Kitty Van Niewenhuyzen’s patrol partner and the owner of the car that was stolen.

Kitty Van Nieuwenhuyzen and her patrol partner were shot at when they arrived at the scene of a car-jacking. The owner of the car was also shot three times. The policewoman was killed instantly; her patrol partner and the owner of the car were taken to hospital in critical condition. Both are out of critical condition.

Kitty Van Nieuwenhuyzen was killed just days before her 23rd birthday. She had just finished the police academy.