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Last update on April 20, 2020

The mandatory car insurance in Belgium is third-party liability, but you’ll need extra insurance to cover the driver. Here’s our guide to protecting your car in Belgium.

If you’ve ever taken part in the daily car race into and out of Brussels, then you understand the importance of good auto insurance in Belgium.

Car insurance

Belgian car insurance is expensive, and it is the car not the driver which is insured. This means that anyone can drive your car. However, if you want coverage for injury sustained by the driver, you need to ask for additional coverage. Not all companies provide this, so shop around.

The minimum insurance required by Belgian law is third-party liability (Responsabilité Civile/Wetteligjke Aansprakelijkheids Verzekering). This covers death, bodily injury, or physical damage that you cause to another person. You can also opt for fully comprehensive coverage. It provides for most eventualities including vandalism, fire, theft, or damage resulting from a collision. There is also a Part Comprehensive cover, which includes third-party along with fire cover.

There is an excess payable by the insured for each claim, varying with the value of the car. A special low-cost comprehensive policy is also possible. However, it only covers you if the accident is not your fault which may be hard to prove.

Once you choose a policy, the company will issue you with a Green Card. Keep this in your car at all times, since the police can demand to see it.

You will also receive an accident report form, which you must keep in your car. Ask for additional copies in French, Dutch and your language, so you can complete it more easily. If an accident happens, do the following:

  • Ask for the other driver’s Green Card as proof of insurance.
  • Get the names and addresses of any witnesses before they leave the scene.
  • Fill in the accident report form (and get both parties to sign).
  • State the facts but nothing else regarding liability.
  • Send the form within one week.

Like insurance in other European nations, a no-claims bonus scheme is the norm. If you have a previous no-claim record in another country, you can bring it with you or may even be asked to present it. Not all insurers will recognize claim-free driving experience you have accumulated abroad, but those that do offer up a discount for a good driving record.

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