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Last update on October 22, 2020

Make note of these important emergency numbers before you land in an emergency in Belgium, plus a number of Belgian helplines for support and information.

If you’re living in Belgium, it’s important to make note of Belgium’s emergency numbers before it’s too late. Belgium has a range of important emergency numbers and useful helplines, depending on the accident or crisis. Here is a list of the most important Belgian emergency numbers to write down.

Emergency phrases and medical terms in French and Dutch:

  • Accident: Accident / Ongeluk
  • Emergency: Urgence / Spoedgeval
  • Ambulance: Ambulance / Ziekenwagen
  • Doctor: Médécin / Doctor
  • Police: Police / Politie
  • Extremely ill: Très malade / Heel ziek
  • I need an ambulance: J’ai besoin d’une ambulance / Ik heb een ziekenwagen nodig.
  • I need a doctor: Il me faut un médécin / Ik heb een doctor nodig
  • I need the police: J’ai besoin de la police Ik heb de politie nodig

Calling codes in Belgium

Emergency calls to numbers such as 100, 101, 103, 107, 110 and 112 are free. Numbers beginning with 0800 are also free.



The government urges all residents in Belgium to register with their BE-Alert system, which enables them to inform residents about imminent disasters, for example floods, severe storms or explosions, via Twitter, Facebook, text, e-mail or phone call.

Pan-European number for all emergencies

Call: 112 | www.sos112.be

This emergency number can be called anywhere in the European Union (EU) for free, plus certain other countries such as Israel, Norway and Russia. You should only call in emergency situations. You can also call 112 for serious accidents, if someone needs to be pulled from a vehicle, if a dangerous big animal escapes, such as a horse or snake, or to clear a road after a storm. The unique benefit of the 112 number is that it can be called from any telephone, including mobiles without a SIM.

The operators in Belgium will typically speak English, French, Dutch and sometimes German, and you will need to supply the exact location, address and details on the accident and wounded people; don’t hang up until you’ve been helped.

The EU also runs 116 helplines in certain member states:

  • Missing children: 116 000 | www.childfocus.be
  • Victim of a crime: 116 006 | Advice on local police, criminal proceedings, compensation possibilities and insurance.
  • Child support helplines: 116 111
  • Non-emergency medical treatment: 116 117 | Can put you in contact with a medical expert or clinic for non-urgent medical issues, including out-of-hours treatment.
  • Emotional support: 116 123 | For people in crisis of loneliness, suicide or other potentially harmful psychological states.

Fire, medical emergency or ambulance in Belgium

Call: 100

In Belgium, local emergencies are organised under the free 100 number, which can be called for any accident or emergency to connect you to an operator who will arrange assistance and contact the emergency services. It works similar to 112 except that you need a SIM if you call via mobile (unlike 112).


Call: 101 | www.police.be

Fire brigade

Call: 100 | www.frcspb.be

Red Cross ambulance

Call: 105 | www.croix-rouge.be (French) | www.rodekruis.be (Dutch) | Help and intervention in case of diaster.

Anti-poison center

Telephone: 070 245 245 | www.poisoncentre.be | 24/7 urgent medical aid and advice on drugs, medication, poisons and etc.

Bank card lost or stolen

Cardstop 070 344 344 and Mijn kaart | Belgium’s national service can cancel bank and credit cards 24/7.

Lost and stolen Belgian IDs, passports and residence permits

Block your documents by calling the government service DocStop | Call 00800 2123 2123 | 24/7

Gas and electricity emergencies

Call you area provider for emergency information or 0800 87 870 for gas smells | Brussels (Sibelga): No electricity, call 02 274 4066 or see power cuts in Brussels. | If you smell gas, call 0800 1940.

Government information

Rijksoverheid 1400 | From abroad +31 77 4656 767 | online | Twitter @Rijksoverheid

Information directories

French 1307 | Dutch 1207 | Golden Pages Belgium | White Pages Belgium


Visit www.iris-hopitaux.be for a full listing of hospitals in Belgium.

Burn centers (centres de brûlés)

Pharmacists on duty

Emergency doctors: on duty, on call, out-of-hours

  • Brussels: GBBW 02 201 2222 (French/Dutch/English) | Médi-Garde 02 479 1818 (French) SOS Médecins 02 513 0202 (French) | BHAK (Brusselse Huisartsen Kring) 02 242 43 44 (Dutch)
  • Rest of Belgium: 100
  • Information directory: French 1307 | Dutch 1207 | An on-call doctor is assigned per region.

Emergency dentists: on call, on duty and out-of-hours

  • Brussels: 02 426 1026
  • Rest of Belgium 100

Emergency vets on duty

Information about drugs

CHS Helpline: English-speaking Community Help Service in Brussels

Community Help Service (CHS) is a volunteer counseling service set up for internationals (adults and children) to discuss emotional problems or offer advice:

  • CHS Help Line: 02 648 4014 | For anonymous crisis support
  • Mental Health Center: 02 647 6780 | Talk with English-speaking mental health professionals

Crisis helplines and support in Belgium

Helplines for violence, abuse, and mistreatment

Suicide prevention hotlines

Get advice and support for you or a friend:

Support for children and youngsters

Alcoholics Anonymous

HIV/AIDs support and information