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Groceries & Food Delivery in Saudi Arabia

Hungry to try some local flavors in your new home? From recipe box deliveries to supermarkets and grocery stores, get to grips with mealtimes with our listings of groceries and food delivery in Saudi Arabia:

British Corner Shop

British Corner Shop is an online retailer selling British products internationally. They stock over 12,000 UK food and drink products, including well-known brands and supermarket favorites. From crumpets to custard, British Corner Shop delivers a taste of Britain to wherever you are in the world.

Other listings of Groceries & Food Delivery in Saudi Arabia

Careem is an online platform offering a range of services in several countries across the greater Middle East region. Their offering varies country to country, but includes ride-sharing, food deliveries, money transfers, and more. Download the app to find out how Careem could make your life easier.

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LuLu Hypermarket

LuLu Hypermarket is a supermarket with locations in Saudi Arabia. The stores stock a wide range of products, from fresh fruit and vegetables to clothing, electronics, and much more. If you're living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, stock up on the essentials at LuLu Hypermarket.

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Talabat is an online food delivery platform operating in the Middle East. They provide take-out options, groceries, medicine deliveries, and will even deliver flowers to loved ones for you. Download their mobile app to speed up the ordering process. Visit Talabat to order something tasty today.

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