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Last update on August 14, 2019

Your guide to Portugal mobile operators, including information on Portuguese mobile codes, prepaid SIM cards, country and area codes, WiFi and more.

Portugal mobile coverage is on par with its European neighbours and connecting to Portuguese mobile networks is relatively straightforward for most visitors. The only mobile owners who may experience issues are travellers with locked phones or if your handset is not compatible with GSM.

Most Portuguese mobile operators offer excellent coverage. The majority of the country receives a strong signal on all the leading Portuguese mobile providers. However, there are few areas that do not get any coverage in the countryside.

Whether you are visiting for a short holiday or planning to live in Portugal long-term, this guide provided by international sim card provider Sim Options explains the process of how to get a mobile phone in Portugal, including:

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Mobile networks in Portugal: Will my mobile work in Portugal?

All Portugal mobile networks are GSM networks, much like the rest of Europe. If your phone is GSM-enabled, you can continue to use your current mobile phone in Portugal. In such circumstances, all you have to do is buy a Portuguese SIM card and insert it into your phone.

In some cases, especially for very short trips, it can sometimes be cheaper to use your current phone and SIM card. However, it should be noted that mobile phone companies charge high fees for international roaming, although roaming charges were abolished for EU mobile users in 2017. If you think you will use your mobile phone on a regular basis for calls, texts and online data, several alternative options are discussed below.

If your current handset is only CDMA compatible, you won’t be able to use your phone even with a Portuguese SIM card. Your only options are to buy a new mobile that is GSM compatible or rent a mobile with a Portugal SIM once you arrive in the country. The latter is a good option for short-term stays.

Portugal SIM card

If you are planning to stay longer than 30 days or moving to Portugal as an expat, it can be cheaper to buy rather than rent a mobile. You can buy new and used phones for reasonable prices if you are not too bothered about having a premium model. Once you have a Portuguese mobile, it’s an easy step to get a Portuguese mobile number.

Before you leave for Portugal, check that your current phone is GSM compatible and that the SIM is unlocked. If your phone is unlocked, switching to a Portuguese SIM card is straightforward.

If your SIM is locked, you won’t be able to use a SIM card from a different provider. This only happens if you enter into a contract with a mobile phone company. The usual policy is that you have to pay out the contract for 12–24 months before the company agrees to unlock your phone. It is advisable to check with your current mobile phone company and ask about their unlocking policy.

Some mobile providers will give you the unlock code once you pay a small fee. However, not all companies are forthcoming with unlock code. In such situations, you may have to pay out your full contract.

Comparing Portuguese mobile operators

There are currently three main Portuguese mobile operators that will sell a Portuguese SIM card to visitors and other non-residents:

  • MEO (previously TMN)
  • Vodafone (previously Telecel)
  • NOS (previously Optimus)

Portugal SIM card

The most popular Portuguese mobile operator is MEO, which boasts the best coverage and is the market leader in terms of sales.

Vodafone comes in second among the top Portuguese cell phone companies, with NOS coming a close third despite being a much smaller network than the other two. NOS coverage isn’t as consistent as the leaders, although has good credentials with customer satisfaction.

There are also a handful of MVNOS, or mobile virtual network operators, offering mobile services in Portugal. These companies use one of the top three networks but tend to specialise in providing package deals and slightly lower call costs on prepaid SIM cards. A popular prepaid SIM card in Portugal is offered by Lycamobile, which is affordable but does not yet offer 4G/LTE coverage.

Some companies offer package deals combining WiFi internet in Portugal and mobile contracts, and sometimes Portuguese cable television as well. Read more in our guide to internet in Portugal.

Portuguese SIM cards

There are a few providers in the world that offer great international roaming rates, but it is not the norm. While you might not need to buy a new mobile in Portugal, buying a prepaid SIM card can offer some savings. These are easy to find and readily available even for short-term visitors.

If your trip will be longer than a month, getting a Portuguese SIM card or mobile plan are the best options. Newcomers typically start on a prepaid SIM card until they can provide the necessary proof of residence for a mobile phone plan. Services on prepaid SIM cards are slightly more expensive than mobile phone contracts but are the most convenient and cost-effective option when you first arrive.

Portuguese SIM cards enable you to make calls, send texts and browse the internet. Some prepaid SIMs in Portugal also enable you to make international calls, but fees are expensive, otherwise you can consider an international SIM card, which typically allow affordable calls in a number of countries. On a mobile contract, you will have more choice of cheap or free international calls included in package deals.

MEO SIM cards cost around EUR 9.99 and can be bought at MEO or Phone House stores. If you can provide a Portuguese address, you can order one online for free. MEO SIMs give you a EUR 5 credit for calls. Top-up credit vouchers can be purchased in multiple shops as well as online. The minimum top up amount is EUR 5.

Vodafone SIM cards only cost a few euros and can be purchased in Vodafone shops as well as in many other shops, including Payshop. Top ups come in increments of EUR 5, from EUR 5 up to EUR 100. NOS SIM cards are sold in their stores as well as Payshop, and can be topped up for between EUR 5 and EUR 30, with EUR 5 increments.

When buying a SIM card in Portugal, you will be asked for your:

  • name
  • address
  • valid ID, such as a passport or national ID card.

Requirements for mobile plans in Portugal

Signing up for a monthly mobile phone contract in Portugal is a bit more complicated than the prepaid process. You need three things in order to sign a monthly contract:

  • Tax number
  • Valid ID
  • Proof of address.

This is something expats can only look into after they have officially registered and received their residency permit. Read Expatica’s guide for more details on visas and permits in Portugal.

Dialling Portuguese mobile numbers

The mobile code for calling Portuguese mobile phone numbers depends on which network the person uses. Since 1999, the Portugal mobile code has been 9T, with T being either 0,1, 2, 3 or 6 depending on the mobile operator.

Portugal has a closed telephone dialling plan, so all numbers have nine basic digits including the Portuguese mobile code.

Portugal mobile numbers

Calling Portuguese mobile numbers from abroad needs to include the country code. Start with your country’s exit code of ’00 or +’ then Portugal’s country code ‘351’, followed by the mobile code and seven-digit number: 00 351 9T XXX XXXX

For calls between Portuguese mobile numbers, you do not need the country code: the number will start with the 9T mobile code. When calling a landline from a Portuguese cell phone, the number will have a different two digit code in place of the 9T code.

Using your mobile in Portugal

Visitors and expats should know that SIM cards in Portugal do not need to be registered as they often do in some other European countries. This gives a bit more freedom to visitors.

Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that a tax number is needed for many things in Portugal, from opening a bank account to signing up for a monthly mobile contract. While a Portuguese bank account isn’t always required to sign a monthly contract, you will need a tax number, which is not commonly asked for in other countries. Read Expatica’s guide on taxes in Portugal to get a tax number before considering a monthly mobile plan.

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