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Last update on October 01, 2021
Written by Danielle Richardson

Need to contact the police, doctor, or gas company urgently? Here is a list of essential emergency numbers and websites in the Netherlands.

If you’re living in the Netherlands, it’s important to jot down the vital Dutch emergency numbers before you land in an accident, have your passport stolen or require emergency services. Here is a list of important emergency numbers in the Netherlands.

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Emergencies in the Netherlands: 112

The emergency number for police, fire, or ambulance in the Netherlands is 112. Fret not if you’re still learning Dutch; the pan-European 112 emergency operators also speak English. You will be asked for the address and city where you are calling from as well as the nature of the emergency.

For information on emergency situations (noodsituaties) in the Netherlands, visit the government site www.denkvooruit.nl. Residents can also subscribe to the government mobile alert service (www.nl-alert.nl), which will send a text message regarding any emergencies in your area, or you can register your presence after a disaster or an emergency.

Helplines and emergency numbers in the Netherlands

  • ACCESS: publishes several online information guides for international residents and provides support. | 0900 222 2377 (20ct/min) | www.access-nl.org | [email protected]
  • Alcoholics Anonymous: 020 625 6057 (national)
  • Animal ambulance (Dierenambulance): 0900 0245 | www.dierenambulance.nl | Also provides shelter for animals seeking new homes.
  • Gay & Lesbian Switchboard: 020 623 6565 (national) | www.switchboard.nl
  • Helpline for children and teenagers: 0800 0432
  • SOS 24-hour helpline: Staffed by Dutch volunteers but many speak English | 0900 0767 (5ct/min)
  • Gas or electricity emergencies and outages: 0800 9009 | www.gasenstroomstoringen.nl
  • Coast guard (Kustwacht): 0900 0111 | www.kustwacht.nl
  • Roadside breakdown service: ANWB 088 269 2222
  • A list of all emergency contacts in The Hague.

Police in the Netherlands

If the situation is not an emergency, the number for the police (politie) in the Netherlands is 0900 8844. You will be connected to your local police station. You can also visit www.politie.nl for information and more emergency numbers in the Netherlands.

To leave an anonymous tip (to report a crime) instead, you can call 0800 7000 or visit the website.

The Dutch police has a special department that handles issues of discrimination, harassment and violence against the LGBT community: Roze in Blauw (Pink in Blue). They can be reached at 088-1691234.

Roze in Blauw

If your passport has been stolen, contact your embassy immediately for instructions as to what to do next. You generally need to make a statement at a police station to start any kind of official procedure (insurance, applying for a new passport etc.).

Fire in the Netherlands

Like other emergency services, your local fire department (brandweer) can be reached by calling 112. You can find more information on Dutch fire services at www.brandweer.nl.

Health emergencies in the Netherlands

Calling an ambulance

In urgent medical situations, call an ambulance (ambulance) at the national emergency number in the Netherlands: 112. You can also visit the emergency room at the hospital (eerste hulp), but if a doctor could have treated the situation, you may be charged for this or refused treatment without a referral. For non-life threatening issues, you should first contact your local doctor or find your closest out-of-hours medical clinic (huisartsenpost). Read even more about how to use Dutch healthcare services.

Dutch ambulance

Emergency doctor’s services (Centrale Huisartsenpost)

To find the nearest emergency doctor or out-of-hours clinic near you (usually open after 17:00 and on the weekend), you can google the nearest huisartsenpost. You can also call a helpline for information; fees may apply.

An out-of-hours doctor should be used for emergency situations for which you would normally call your doctor during normal office hours, such as tightness of chest, a home accident, chronic abdominal pain, or a sick child. In the event of an emergency that requires immediate, specialized medical attention, you should consider the ER instead. Often, huisartsenposts will be located in hospitals right by the ER.

Finding a doctor

Don’t wait for an emergency before registering with a family doctor (huisarts). Find one at www.zorgkaartnederland.nl by typing in your postcode and clicking zoek. Your health insurance company may also help you find a family doctor in your area.


A hospital is called ziekenhuis, and a complete list of hospitals and medical centres for the Netherlands can be found at www.ziekenhuis.nl. You can get more information in our guide to hospitals in the Netherlands.


To locate the nearest pharmacy (apotheek), visit www.apotheek.nl.

Useful phrases for emergencies

  • Call an ambulance: Bel een ambulance
  • Calling the police: Bel de politie
  • Call the fire brigade: Bel de brandweer
  • Get/call a doctor: Haal/bel een dokter
  • I am ill: Ik ben ziek

Dental emergencies  in the Netherlands

You can call one of the helplines below to find an out-of-hours dentist (tandarts centrale), or call your own dentist and a recorded message will inform you what to do. Many dentists also provide their own emergency services.

Find a dentist at www.tandarts.nl or read even more about dental care in the Netherlands. Fees or health insurance also typically apply. An internet search will show many urgent dental clinics (spoed tandartsen) providing 24/7 or emergency dental care in Amsterdam or around the Netherlands.

Services and utility emergencies

If there is a pubic danger or fire hazard, such as a major gas leak, call the national emergency number in the Netherlands: 112.

For other, non-life threatening outages, visit your power company’s website. They may announce maintenance work or inform their customers about the outage. Otherwise, you will be able to find their 24-hour emergency number in the Netherlands listed under the heading Spoeddienst (quick service), Calamiteiten (calamities), or Storingen (problems).

Gas and electrical emergencies

If you suspect a gas leak (gaslucht) or have a power problem (stroomstoring), you can call the national line 0800 9009; however, for serious emergencies posing a public threat, call the national emergency number in the Netherlands: 112. See www.gasenstroomstoringen.nl for details.

emergency gas leak in the Netherlands

Water emergencies in the Netherlands

Contact your local gemeente for serious (sewage) issues. If the problem is in the length of pipe between the street and your house, however, this is the local water board’s responsibility; find yours at www.vewin.nl by typing your postcode in the box under Uw drinkwaterbedrijf.

For other situations that are your responsibility, you can also google or search the yellow pages (gouden gids) for a loodgieter (plumber).

However, this is difficult to spot when water is spouting out and threatening to flood your house. A plumber may simply come and charge you around €60 to tell you to call your local water board, as this isn’t the part of the pipe the individual householder is responsible for.

Air raid siren (Luchtalarm)

Don’t be alarmed if you hear a siren on the first Monday of every month at noon. Since 2003, sirens have been tested once a month nationwide. If you hear a siren any other time, however, it could be the Dutch signal for any kind of disaster, from fires to hazardous gasses. You should head indoors, close windows and doors as well as put on the TV or radio. Information about the disaster or emergency will also be published on www.crisis.nl.

You can also visit the government site www.denkvooruit.nl for information on emergency situations (noodsituaties) in the Netherlands, or subscribe to the government mobile alert service (www.nl-alert.nl) to receive a text whenever an emergency arises in your area.

Lost and stolen

  • American Express: 020 504 8000 (national)
  • MasterCard: 0800 022 5821
  • VISA: 0800 022 3110
  • Schiphol lost property: 0900 0141 (40ct/min) or visit their website or online form.
  • NS (rail) lost property: 0900 321 2100 (80ct/min) or click here to access an online form (in Dutch) to fill in with your details and description of lost property.
  • GVB (bus and tram) lost property: 0900 8011 (20ct/call) or visit their website.
  • National lost and found website in the Netherlands. You can also look on iLost. Facebook has many local Lost & Found groups, often the best resource to recover your misplaced property.

Dutch public transport: information and helplines

Read even more in our guide to public transport in the Netherlands.

Insurance in the Netherlands

For more information about your specific situation, you can contact the following:

  • College for Health Insurances (020 797 8227) for health insurance questions.
  • Sociale Verzekeringsbank (www.svb.nl) for questions regarding social security. Under contact, type your postcode and get the phone number for your area as well as the specific situation.
  • You can also read about how to access health insurance in the Netherlands.

Public Health

Visit the GGD GHOR (www.ggd.nl) for a listing of the number for your city/ town. If no number is listed, however, call your local city hall (gemeente) or borough/district council (stadsdeelkantoor).

Other health contacts:

Reporting discrimination

If you’re unsure about submitting a complaint, you can seek advice from the antidiscrimination service that can be found in all municipalities in the Netherlands, or call the national discrimination helpline on 0900 235 4354 (€0.10 per minute).

If you find discriminatory statements anywhere online, you can report them to the internet discrimination hotline (MiND Nederland).

You can also report discrimination to the police; if you wish to remain anonymous, you can also report your case by calling 0800 7000 without needing to leave personal details.

You can also read the Dutch government’s guide to reporting discrimination.

Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND)

For any residency issues, you can contact the IND by telephone to ask any general or specific questions. If you wish to make an enquiry regarding a permit or existing file, make sure you have your file number or V-number ready. Contact the IND by phone Monday to Friday, 9am–5pm on 088 0430 430 from within the Netherlands or +31 88 0430 430 from abroad. You can also see the IND website for more information and to find your nearest IND desk. The IND’s twitter account @IND_NL is also for general queries between Monday to Friday 9am–5pm.

Main taxi numbers

  • Amsterdam: 020 677 7777
  • The Hague: 070 383 0830
  • Rotterdam: 010 462 6333
  • Utrecht: 030 230 0400
  • Het Gooi: 035 691 8888