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Last update on February 10, 2020

A list of business Dutch terms for expats working in facility management and construction in the Netherlands.

The Dutch may be ranked as one of the most English proficient speakers in the world but any expat working in the Netherlands knows that a good understanding of business Dutch gives you an edge in your workplace and is especially required in specific sectors. Some newcomers who want to rent or buy a house, for example, may have problems understanding Dutch real estate agents since they cannot always explain the financial process or building conditions in English. At Dutch universities of applied sciences, where future experts learn the field of finances, facility management and real estate, integration of English can be poor and future Dutch experts are not always prepared to deal with foreign clients. These were just some influences that prompted expat Beata Bruggeman-Sekowska to write a book on Dutch-English terms for working in the Dutch facility management, real estate and construction sectors.

Beata Bruggeman-Sekowska, who works as an international journalist, author, media commentator, director of the Central and Eastern Europe Center, sworn translator and lecturer in the Netherlands, shares the top English-Dutch business terms from her book.

Dutch business terms for facility management and construction

  • Access management: toegangsbeheer 
  • Accommodation: accommodatie, huisvesting 
  • Accounts receivable management: debiteurenbeheer 
  • Amortisation on investments: afschrijving op investeringen 
  • Artificial intelligence: kunstmatige intelligentie 
  • Bed occupation: bedbezetting 
  • Bid security: inschrijvingszekerheid 
  • Building layout: gebouwontwerp, plattegrond 
  • Buyer: koper, afnemer 
  • Certified Facility Manager: gecertificeerde facility manager 
  • Change management: verandermanagement 
  • Churn rate: percentage van verloop 
  • Circuit breaker: stroomonderbreker 
  • Communication: communicatie 
  • Complaint management: klachtenmanagement 
  • Computer-aided facilities management (CAFM): computerondersteund facility management 
  • Core business activities: kernactiviteiten 
  • Corporate social responsibility: maatschapelijk verantwoord ondernemen 
  • Cost price: kostprijs 
  • Current assets: vlottend activa 
  • Cimension: afmeting 
  • Facility Rentable Area: verhuurbare ruimte, verhuurbaar vloeroppervlak, verhuurbare oppervlakte 
  • Feasibility study: haalbaarheidsonderzoek 
  • Levies: heffing 
  • Loan: lening 
  • Means of communication: communicatiemiddelen 
  • Measures: maatregelen 
  • Operations and maintenance: exploitatie en onderhoud 
  • Participate: participeren, deelnemen 
  • Permit: vergunning 
  • Policy: beleid 
  • Quality: kwaliteit 
  • Register: register, rooster 
  • Risk management: risicomanagement, risicobeheer 
  • Specifications: specificaties, bestek 
  • Sustainability: duurzaamheid 
  • Target group: doelgroep 
  • Terms and conditions of contract: voorwaarden van een overeenkomst 
  • Turnover: omzet 
  • Wages and salaries: lonen en salarissen 
  • Warranty: garantie 
Dutch business dictionary: Construction and facility management

For more business Dutch terms in fields such as finance, management and real estate, read Bruggeman-Sekowska’s book Facility Management en Bouwkunde. Engelse en Nederlandse terminologie, which is available for purchase in Dutch and Belgian bookstores and online at bol.com. In this video, Beata explains what is included in the book and for who it is useful.

Bruggeman-Sekowska is also the author of several books for expats such as:

  • Business Polish for the Dutch: Zakelijk Pools voor Nederlanders
  • Polish and Dutch Medical Terminology: Medisch Pools, Medisch Netherlands
  • Russian and Dutch Business Vocabulary: Zakelijk Russisch, Zakelijk Netherlands
  • Romanian and Dutch Business Terminology: Zakelijk Roemeens, Zakelijk Netherlands
  • Polish and Dutch Business Terminology: Zakelijk Pools, Zakelijk Netherlands, thematische woordenschat voor iedereen is an expanded book consisting of more than 200 pages of practical vocabulary for business situations in Dutch and Polish.
  • Russian-Dutch Medical Terminology: Medisch Russisch, Medisch Nederlands

Beata Bruggeman-Sekowska / Expatica

Photo credit (CC-Licence): University of Salford Press Office (photo 2).