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Last update on 30/09/2022

If you’re living in Luxembourg with children, here’s a short introduction to preschools and daycare in Luxembourg.

Preschool in Luxembourg

The childcare system

For families with babies and young children, one of the first considerations is finding quality international childcare. Parents should find out about any government childcare subsidies or daycare funding for which they may be eligible.

Check out our feature on the daycare system in Luxembourg for even more information on daycare centers and benefits.

Support groups

Check out our listings of family clubs or find the nearest playgroups in our A-Z listings. These groups give you a chance to network with other expat parents, discover more facilities, and socialize, too.

Top tips for expat families with young children

With tiny tots, getting out and about is a must. Check out our feature on recreation spots for kids in Luxembourg. Also refer to the Expatica articles in the Family section for tips on where to take your little ones to let off steam, as well as other useful information. The Travel and Tourism section also provides information on outdoor activities that the whole family can enjoy.

Schools in Luxembourg

Choosing an international school or a local school

Expats living in Luxembourg can enroll their children in one of Luxembourg’s two international schools: the International School of Luxembourg (ISL) or St George’s International School.

Designed to ease the educational transition of a move from one country to another, such expat schools are a good choice for the children of foreign parents who are staying temporarily in the host country. Qualifications such as the International Baccalaureate are becoming increasingly popular with people who relocate frequently.

Parents who are sure they will repatriate while their children are of school age need to select an expat school system. This generally allows easy integration of their children into their home-country education system upon return.

However, for families planning to settle into a country long-term, the local school system could be the most effective path. For even more information on Luxembourg’s schools, see our overview of the Luxembourg education system.

Every school has its pro and cons. Parents must consider such factors as the age of their children and language(s) spoken in the school before making a selection, especially when considering schools in Luxembourg, where numerous styles and languages are often used in teaching.

Overall, when the right schooling decisions are made, expats feel that their children benefit from their education abroad; expanding your children’s horizons culturally will aid in developing the intellectual, personal, emotional, and social skills children need to live, learn and work in a rapidly globalizing world.