About Italy

Thinking about moving to Italy? Get under the skin of your new home with our expert introductory guides to everything you need to know about Italy. From understanding the expat lifestyle in Italy to details about the cost of living, you'll find it here – so get ready to pack your bags.

Italian cuisine

Italian cuisine: what to eat in Italy

Get ready to indulge in a feast of flavors as you explore the rich, diverse world of Italian cuisine that goes far beyond pizza and pasta.

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An introduction to Italy

Get to know Italy – read on to learn about its regions, food, demographics, places to visit, and a whole lot more.

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Italian language

The Italian language

New to Italy? Brush up on your Italian language skills by learning more about its history, grammar, and some fun facts.

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Italy facts

30 interesting facts about Italy

Impress your new friends – or colleagues – with these 30 interesting facts about Italy at your next dinner party.

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Italy news

Where to get the news in Italy

Learn how to navigate the various Italian and English-language news outlets in Italy and stay up to date with the latest events around the world.

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Emergency numbers in Italy

Emergency numbers in Italy

New to the country? Keep this essential list of emergency numbers in Italy on hand for when you need it most.

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Italy climate

Climate and seasons in Italy

Whether you’re based in the north or south, Italy’s climate can vary tremendously. This article will prepare you for the changing seasons.

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Cost of living in Italy

The cost of living in Italy

The cost of living in Italy includes many different types of expenses, from daily groceries and transport tickets to housing and healthcare.

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Italy apps

The top must-have apps in Italy

For expats moving to Italy, these apps for language, food, transport, and everything in between will make the transition smoother.

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