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Facts Spain

30 facts about Spain


From inventing the stapler and the mop to legal nudity, Spain is more than just sunshine and beaches. Test your knowledge with this mix of informative and interesting facts about Spain.

Top 10 Spanish foods – with recipes

Top 10 Spanish foods – with recipes


It would be impossible to list all the tasty foods from the rich Spanish food culture – but here are at least 10 top Spanish foods you have to try.

Cost of living in Spain

Cost of living in Spain – how much do you need?


What is the cost of living in Spain? Spain's living costs are relatively low compared to other western European countries, making the cost of living in Spain for expats relatively affordable.

Spanish festivals

Top Spanish festivals 2017


Spanish festivals are celebrated year-round; from the popular Spanish festival La Tomatina to Benicassim festival, here is a list of some of the best and bizarre festivals in Spain.

Public holidays in Spain

Spanish national holidays and important dates 2017


Here is a list of Spanish national holidays 2017, plus Spanish school holidays, daylight savings, Mother's and Father's Days and regional Spanish bank holidays.

Important emergency numbers in Spain

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This must-have list of emergency numbers will help you in a variety of emergencies while in Spain, alongside a list of important numbers and Spanish helplines.

Facts and surviving stories from Spain's civil war


From bombings, Guernica, forced labour camps and starvation, Spanish civil war survivors tell their stories of the tragedy that tore Spain in two.

Drinking water in Spain

Best and worst cities for drinking tap water in Spain


This guide explains the water quality in several cities around Spain, and whether it's suitable for drinking and cooking.

Spanish social security

Social security in Spain – and how to claim your benefits


This guide explains what you need to know about the Spanish social security system: who has to pay, how much, what benefits you can claim and how to apply.

Free phone numbers Spain

How much does it cost to call 800, 900 or 118 numbers


Unfortunately, there seem to be more and more of them, but luckily we don’t generally tend to have to use them very frequently.

Driving in Spain

Driving and parking in Spain


If you plan to drive in Spain, find out the Spanish road rules and if you need to get a Spanish driver's licence to legally drive in Spain.

Spanish literature

The literary legacy of 'Don Quixote' writer Cervantes


Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes is often considered the father of the modern novel, with his world-renown 'Don Quixote' still popular 400 years later.

Trains in Spain

Spain transportation: Trains, metro and buses in Spain


If you are living or travelling in Spain, you will find high quality Spanish public transport. Here's a guide on metros, buses and trains in Spain.

Useful Spanish phrases

Useful Spanish phrases


Expatica offers a list of common phrases that just might allow you to get by in Spain before you start attending language classes.

Crime in Spain

Crime and the legal system in Spain

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Spain has a relatively low crime rate, but you should be aware of some common crimes in Spain and Spanish laws to increase your safety when living in Spain.

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