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Psych test for man who skinned mother

Published on 11/05/2005

11 May 2005

AMSTERDAM — The man accused of killing and skinning his mother has been ordered to undergo a psychiatric examination.

Rotterdam Court adjourned his trial on Wednesday until the examination at the Pieter Baan Centre (PBC) has been completed.

The 42-year-old defendant, R. Z., of Vlaardingen, did not appear in court, news website ‘’ reported.

He is accused of killing his 76-year-old mother by hitting her head with a heavy object. He then cut her throat and mutilated her body.

The man allegedly chopped off his mother’s arms and removed the skin from her body.

His lawyer said the man committed the murder because he felt he had to make a sacrifice for God. He chose his mother because he loved her so much.

After the murder, the man dressed himself in his mother’s skin and took to the Vlaardingen streets on the night of 4 February.

He was seen directing traffic in her skin as he recited texts from the Bible.

Both the prosecutor and defence lawyer requested that the man undergo a psychiatric assessment at the PBC.

He will be transferred to the clinic in several weeks time.

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