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Last update on June 03, 2020

Mobile telephone numbers in Luxembourg are easy to come by for visitors and expats. Whether you are travelling to the country for a short-term visit or planning to stay for the long-term as an expat, there are several solutions for you to connect with Luxembourg mobile operators.

When moving abroad, among other things, you will need to set up telephone, mobile, internet and TV connections. This helpful guide will explain what your options are when it comes to choosing Luxembourg mobile operators and securing a mobile number, together with the steps you need to take to use your mobile phone in Luxembourg.

This guide explains how to understand Luxembourg telephone numbers and discusses whether your best option is to buy a mobile SIM card in Luxembourg or opt for one of the alternative methods.

Luxembourg mobile operators

Visitors arriving in Luxembourg have a good variety of choice and various ways of getting a mobile number in Luxembourg. There are four main mobile operators together with a couple of smaller firms that offer cheaper rates.

There four principle mobile operators in Luxembourg are:

Each mobile operator follows a different procedure and arranges a variety of packages and tariffs. The easiest way to get the right tariff for you is to visit a mobile phone shop when you arrive in Luxembourg and tell them what you need. The shop assistant should be able to recommend the best option for you.

However, to give you an idea of your options, here is a quick overview of each of the Luxembourg’s mobile operators.

Post Luxembourg is the longest serving telecommunications service. It is the former national telephone provider and continues to dominate the mobile market as it offers the best coverage. Post also offer some tempting packages although are not the most cost-effective service on offer.

Tango Luxembourg

Tango is the leading alternative mobile operator in Luxembourg and appeals to customers that prefer clarity and simplicity. The company services almost 300,000 users and boasts reliable coverage across most of the country. If you are staying in the major cities of Luxembourg Tango is a good option although only have 2G and 3G coverage. Signal strength can also drop of in some areas.

Orange Luxembourg

Orange is arguably the best alternative option for expats – especially if you use the Orange network in your own country as switching SIMs is less hassle. If your phone is locked, you should be able to get Orange to give you an unlock code so you can switch to an Orange Luxembourg SIM card.

Orange also has excellent coverage, servicing 99% of the country on 2G and 3G, but also has a major percentage of the country covered on 4G as well – 94.7%. Only Post Luxembourg can top that.

JOIN Experience

JOIN Experience are the youngest of the major mobile operators in Luxembourg. Founded in 2012, they have grown pretty quickly, particularly because they target customers living in border towns with great offers.

Mobile users that live in border regions can often find their mobile phone switches to a company across the border with a stronger signal. They then get stumped for roaming charges. JOIN experience eliminate that danger by enabling customers to access data regardless of their location.

Luxembourg Online are primarily an internet company that uses fiber optic cables. However, they offer deals to bundle a mobile phone package in with landline, TV and internet. Rates are usually pretty good so if you are settling in Luxembourg, the company is worth looking into to compare packages against competitors. They are usually cheaper, but deals change all the time so it’s impossible to say who will have the best offer by the time you come to look.

Luxembourg country code

One other thing to look out for, particularly when you first arrive in Luxembourg is mobile phone packages for commuters. Because so many people travel in and out of the country, Luxembourg mobile operators offer excellent tariffs at discounted rates for international phone numbers.

For a full list of Luxembourg mobile operators and other companies that may come in useful whilst you are in Luxembourg, follow the link and check out this list from the official portal of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Will a foreign mobile work/unlocking

Luxembourg use a GSM network so if you live in Europe and have an unlocked phone, you will not experience any problem switching to a Luxembourg SIM card.

The only potential problem is if your existing handset is locked. In such a situation you will not be able to buy a SIM card with a Luxembourg mobile number.

It is therefore advisable to ask your current mobile service provider for an unlock code. If your current contract is older than 12 months old, you should be able to unlock your phone so you can use a Luxembourg SIM card. However, not all mobile operators are willing to give you an unlock code. Check the unlock policy of your existing service provider.

Another potential problem is mobile users that work off a CDMA network such as North America and Japan. Mobile companies have started to making handsets compatible with both CDMA and GSM networks, so check before you travel. If your current mobile is not GSM-enabled you will need to buy a new phone.

Another option is onesimcard which offers Luxembourg telephone numbers to visitors arriving in the country prior to landing. Rather than hunting for a mobile phone shop to buy a SIM card from a local mobile operator, the all-in-one SIM card is global friendly and ready to use the moment you step of the plane.

How to get a mobile phone number in Luxembourg

Providing your phone is unlocked and GSM enabled, you have two sensible options of getting a Luxembourg phone number.

The most likely option when you first arrive in Luxembourg is a prepaid SIM card. Pay-as-you-go SIM cards in Luxembourg are readily available from mobile phone shops and you can get top up vouchers from supermarkets, grocery stores, and petrol stations, or top up online by registering your bank details with your choice of Luxembourg mobile operator. However, if you use your home bank account, you will be charged international transfer fees.

Once you are settled in Luxembourg and have a permanent address and bank account, you have the option to purchase a contract with a Luxembourg mobile operator. This option will give you the best deals and is the best option if you use your mobile phone on a regular basis to make calls and texts. Luxembourg mobile operators offer packages with unlimited calls, texts and data usage.

To register for a Luxembourg SIM card you will need to provide the following documents:

  • Valid ID
  • Proof of address in Luxembourg
  • Bank account details

Mobile phone contracts in Luxembourg are at least 12 months. If you are purchasing a phone as part of the bundle the minimum term of contract is 24 months. If you cancel your subscription before the due termination date, you will probably have to pay a cancellation fee.

Understanding mobile phone numbers

The international dialing code for Luxembourg is +352. Therefore, when calling from Luxembourg telephone numbers from overseas, you will need to enter the exit code for your country followed by 00352 + the mobile code + the mobile number of the person you are calling.

Luxembourg mobile numbers are comprised of nine number and preceded by a Luxembourg phone code that has been assigned to specific mobile phone operators as follows:

  • LuxGSM = 621 or 628
  • Orange Luxembourg = 661 or 668
  • Tango Mobile = 691 or 698
  • JOIN = 671

So for example, if you are calling a Luxembourg mobile number from the UK and the person you are calling is on the LuxGSM network, you would enter 00 352 621 + the personal phone number of the recipient.

For more information about setting up telephone, mobile and internet connections in Luxembourg click here.