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Last update on November 12, 2019

Expatica provides practical information on how to move your toddlers, kids and teens abroad, what schools and childcare fit best, raising children bilingually and more.

Kids in Luxembourg

Children, who are flexible and open-minded by nature, make great travellers but parents still need to help prepare their children for moving abroad. Age and character will play a part in how children deal with the move but the more attention paid to this process, the greater the long-term benefits.

Several articles on Expatica’s Kids and Relocation channels deal with this process—from tots to teens— and help you to understand the world of the TCK (Third Culture Kid).

The childcare system

Knowing how the childcare system works in your new country of residence is essential. Whether your children are pre-school or school age, you’ll need to know what care is available and how you can foot the bill. Your company may pay for this, or you could be entitled to certain subsidies. Check out Expatica’s essential guides to the childcare system in Luxembourg.

Articles found on Expatica’s luxembourg channels can tell you how to bring an au-pair to Luxembourg, as well as bringing your family over to join you. You can get free advice from local experts via Expatica’s Ask the Expert service.

Having a baby abroad

For women, having a baby in their new country of residence can bring up deep feelings of insecurity. How different is the approach to childbirth in your new country from that of your homeland?

Kids in Luxembourg

Read about giving birth in Luxembourg on our Healthcare channel or visit the expat forums to find out how other expat women feel about giving birth away from home. Related services can be found in the family section of Expatica’s A-Z listings.

Raising kids bilingually

Language brings up many questions for parents who are raising their children in another culture. Expatica covers the ins and outs of bringing up your children in more than one language and examines the issue of whether to send your children to an international or local school. For more information check out our School and Languages topics pages.

Out and about with the kids

Expatica lists places where kids can play, from zoos to theme parks to indoor playgrounds and recommends the best seasonal places to have some good family fun. Visit our Travel & Tourism page to check out the best places for regional holidays.

Other topics covered on the Kids channel include children’s TV, children’s festivals and birthday celebrations in your adopted land.  Finally, check out our What’s on section for a listing of local events.