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Last update on March 24, 2021

Body parts in German: A useful list of English-German words related to the human body for when you visit a doctor in Germany.

Knowing the main body parts in German can help a doctor in Germany better diagnose you. As German nouns are capitalized, body parts in German are always written with capitals. There are also various language schools in Germany if you want to properly learn German.

To help you understand the basic terminology for body parts in German, this German-English medical dictionary focuses on six key areas of the Korper (body):

Main body parts in German

  • Body: Korper
  • Head: Kopf
  • Torso: Rumpf
  • Arm: Arm
  • Leg: Bein

Head and face

  • Face: Gesicht
  • Chin: Kinn
  • Mouth: Mund
  • Lip: Lippe
  • Tooth: Zahn
  • Tongue: Zunge
  • Nose: Nase
  • Cheek: Wange
  • Eye: Auge
  • Eyebrow: Augenbraue
  • Eyelash: Wimper
  • Ear: Ohr
  • Hair: Haar
  • Beard: Bart
  • Mustache: Schnurrbart
  • Gums: Zahnfleisch


  • Torso: Torso
  • Neck: Hals
  • Shoulder: Schulter
  • Chest: Brust
  • Abdomen/belly: Bauch
  • Navel/belly-button: Bauchnabel
  • Vagina: Scheide
  • Penis: Glied
  • Testicle: Hoden
  • Anus: After
  • Back: Rucken
  • Hip: Hufte
  • Breast: Brust or busen


  • Arm: Arm
  • Elbow: Ellenbogen
  • Hand: Hand
  • Finger: Finger
  • Armpit: Achsel
  • Nail: Nagel


  • Thumb: Daumen
  • Index finger: Zeigefinger
  • Middle finger: Mittelfinger
  • Ring finger: Ringfinger
  • Pinky/little finger: Kleine Finger


  • Knee: Knie
  • Foot: Fus
  • Toe: Zeh


There are approximately 79 organs in the human body that are considered essential to keep the human body alive, including:

  • Blood: Blut
  • Small intestine: Dunndarm
  • Large intestine: Dickdarm
  • Brain: Gehirn
  • Skin: Haut
  • Heart: Herz
  • Liver: Leber
  • Lung: Lunge
  • Spleen: Milz
  • Stomach: Magen
  • Muscle: Muskel
  • Kidney: Niere
  • Skelton: Skelett
  • Bladder: Blase

Body parts in German: other useful terminology

Below are some useful words to describe German healthcare elements and medical symptoms:

  • Cancer: Krebs
  • Doctor: Arzt / Ärztin / Doktor
  • Heart (attack): Herz (infarkt / anfall)
  • Infection: Infektion
  • Insurance(s): Versicherung(en)
  • Inflammation: Entzündung
  • Pain: Schmerzen
  • Rash: Hautausschlag
  • Sick/unwell: Krank / unwohl
  • Tonsils: Mandeln

See our guide for a full list of German medical terms.

To learn how to pronounce the words for body parts in German and English watch this video.

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