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German facts

30 interesting facts about Germany


Test your German knowledge with these top 30 German facts – did you know a German invented the calculator and that Berlin has more bridges than Venice?

Top 10 German foods – with recipes

Top 10 German foods – with recipes


Each German region has its own specialty dishes plus regional variations of top German cuisine recipes. Here are 10 top German foods you have to try, recipes included.

Cost of living in Germany

Cost of living in Germany: How much do you need?


The cost of living in Germany is relatively affordable compared to its western neighbours, with Berlin's cost of living typically lower than other European capital cities.

Car sharing

Benefits of car sharing with DriveNow for expats


While owning your own car is often seen as an achievement — and certainly convenient — there are many who have begun to give up ownership and opt for car sharing [Contributed by DriveNow]

Selling a car in Germany

How to sell a car in Germany


Sooner or later, every car owner faces the fact that his car won’t last forever. Visible signs of use or the age of the vehicle will lead to a complete loss of value, which literally won’t pay off in the end.

Top German festivals 2017


O’zapft is! With over 10,000 German festivals, Germany offers marvel to everyone from book lovers to beer drinkers. Here are the festivals in Germany that you shouldn't miss in 2017.

Public holidays in Germany and important German holidays 2018


Here is a list of holidays in Germany 2018, including German national holidays and regional holidays in Germany, daylight savings, school holidays, Mother's and Father's Days and other important German holidays.

Emergency numbers Germany

Emergency numbers in Germany


Which number should you call in case of an emergency in Germany? Make note of these important emergency numbers Germany, alongside useful German helplines for non-urgent emergencies.

German social security

German social security and claiming your benefits


Find out how much you pay to German social security, and what benefits you can claim: healthcare, maternity and child allowances, unemployment benefits, a German pension and accident insurance.

Driving in Germany

Driving and parking in Germany

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Germany is a nation of car enthusiasts, however, strict rules apply when driving in Germany and expats may be required to get a German driver's licence.

German politics

The main political parties in Germany


From the CDU, SPD and FDP to Germany's Pirate Party, here's a guide on what you need to know to follow German politics.

Books about Germany

Rick Steves: Books and films about Germany

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Moving to Germany? Consider these books and films on Germany to get a feel for Germany past and present.

Crime in Germany

Crime and the legal system in Germany


Germany is a relatively safe country with the most widespread crimes relating to theft, and increasingly, sports and politically motivated violence.

Transportation Germany

Germany facts: Transportation


The facts on transportation in Germany.

Communications Germany

Germany facts: Communications


The facts on communications in Germany.

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