Emergencies and emergency numbers in Singapore

In addition to Singapore’s main emergency number (995), check this list of other crucial contacts to stay prepared for whatever happens.

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By Gayatri Bhaumik

Updated 18-3-2024

Expats moving to Singapore have plenty to organize in their early days. However, along with all the excitement of getting to know your new country, you should plan for the unexpected. This includes being aware of which emergency number you need in any eventuality in Singapore.

Below is a list of Singapore’s emergency services with contact numbers. Keep it handy – should you encounter any problems or difficulties, you’ll always know exactly who to call.

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Emergency services and numbers in Singapore

Singapore’s main emergency number is 995.

This number is used in most emergencies because it is the direct line for the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) ambulance and fire response teams. These teams respond to nearly 250,000 calls across Singapore each year.

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However, the Lion City has various numbers for emergency and non-urgent situations. Therefore, you will need to know which one you need in different cases.

Fire services in Singapore

In any emergency involving fire, you should call the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) at 995. The SCDF is responsible for all fire services.

Be careful not to misuse this number – non-emergencies and prank calls are not recommended! If you have any non-emergent fire issues, you can call the following numbers instead:

Singapore’s police service

You can reach the police in Singapore at 999. Other important numbers include:

  • Police emergency SMS service: 71999
  • Inquiry hotline: 1800 255 000

The police’s emergency number is useful if you need immediate assistance or want to report a crime in Singapore.

The Ministry of Home Affairs is responsible for the Singapore Police Force, which oversees a wide range of services. It has several departments, including the following:

  • Airport Police Department
  • Home Team School of Criminal Investigation
  • Public Transport Security Command
  • Traffic Police

Through these, the police also manage community programs like the Safety and Security Watch Group, organize security for public events, and conduct criminal investigations. The police are also responsible for handling cases of commercial crimes, misappropriation of property, housebreaking and trespassing, car theft, sexual assault, scams, and more.

In addition, you can access a range of individual and corporate services through the Singapore Police Force’s e-services website, including:

  • Non-urgent police reports
  • Lost/stolen property
  • Traffic accident report
  • Mediation referral
  • Permits – such as assembly, procession, wedding, funeral, and road closures
  • Driving license
  • Certificates of clearance

Ambulance and emergency medical service numbers in Singapore

The emergency number for ambulances in Singapore is 955. The SCDF offers Emergency Medical Services, which send ambulances to deal with urgent medical situations. However, there are other ambulance services available, as below:

There is also a non-emergency drug and poison control hotline, which you can reach at 6423 9119.

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However, if you do not need an ambulance, you can make your own way to the emergency room of the closest hospital. Some of the best-known hospitals in the country are:

Singapore has a great healthcare system, but expats can only access medical services at private hospitals and clinics. Therefore, you must have a good health insurance policy while living in the country – employers must legally provide this to foreign employees, so make sure yours does! You can also take out an international health insurance policy – providers include:

With insurance, if you have a medical issue that does not require immediate assistance, you can still get help, usually at any time of day. For example, Raffles Medical, Shenton Parkway, and Central 24-HR Clinic Group have neighborhood clinics across Singapore where you can access general practitioner services, including general checkups and vaccinations. Some of these operate 24 hours a day, and they can refer you to specialists when necessary.

Mental health services and emergency numbers in Singapore

Because it is often a taboo subject, people in Singapore rarely talk about mental health. However, due to the stresses of schooling and work, mental health is a concern in the country, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, a recent study by the Institute of Mental Health found that 8.7% of Singaporeans meet the criteria for clinical depression. Furthermore, 9.4% show significant signs of anxiety, and 9.3% display mild to severe stress.

Visitors looking at an art installation of a big fuzzy purple blob. Text behind them reads "You know that it's okay to feel what you're feeling."
Installation by Emanuel Gollob, MENTAL – Colours of Wellbeing, 2022 (Photo: Suhaimi Abdullah/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Unfortunately, accessing mental health services in Singapore can be tricky. This is because there are simply not enough professionals, meaning long wait times in the public sector and expensive services in the private sector. Still, the below hotlines offer access to help and counseling:

While these hotlines offer immediate advice, seeking professional help in a clinical setting may also be useful. In that case, ask your doctor for a referral to a mental health specialist.

Drug and alcohol services in Singapore

Singapore has very strict laws around drugs – 74.4% of respondents in a 2023 survey said this was a deterrent. Furthermore, the Institute for Mental Health found that some 0.7% of Singaporean residents had abused drugs between 2022 and 2023.

While there is no specific official emergency number in Singapore for alcohol and drug addictions, several organizations have helplines:

Singapore’s children, family, and youth services

With a high-pressure public education system and a local penchant for numerous extracurriculars – from extra tuition and sports to music and languages – Singaporean kids experience a lot of stress. In addition, exposure to social and consumer media that feeds on FOMO (fear of missing out) can add to even more worries and insecurities.

If you or a young person you know needs advice or guidance, the following helplines can help:

Other crime-related services and emergency numbers in Singapore

Singapore is generally one of the safest countries in the world, with 847 crimes per 100,000 individuals in 2021. However, this represents a 10-year high. While you are unlikely to witness a crime in Singapore, it is always best to be prepared with the following Singapore emergency numbers:

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The Singapore Police Force responds to a wide range of crimes, so you can contact them directly in an emergency. This could be for anything from reporting potential terrorism to reporting sexual assaults. In an emergency, call the police at 999 or text 71999.

Singapore’s utilities and telecommunications services

If you are experiencing problems with any of your utilities or telecommunications services, you should first contact your provider.

Here are a few handy numbers:

Singapore’s road and traffic emergency services

Planning to hit the road? You will likely deal with Singapore’s Land Transport Authority (LTA) at some point. In addition, it’s essential to know Singapore’s numbers for road and traffic issues in case of emergencies. Keep the following ones handy:

  • 24-hour Emergency Road Service: 9182 8211
  • LTA Checkpoints Traffic Information Hotline: 6863 0117
  • LTA Reporting Hotline: 1800 225 5582
  • Parking Enforcement: 1800 338 6622
  • Traffic Police Hotline: 1800 547 1818
  • Traffic Police Enquiries: 6547 0000
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If you get in an accident or your car breaks down, only call the police if someone is hurt. Otherwise, call your insurance company and a towing service. The following are some numbers for popular car insurance companies:

  • AIG Insurance: 6338 6200
  • AVIVA: 6333 222
  • ETIQA: 1800 886 491
  • Great Eastern: 6339 2155/6536 0511
  • Liberty: 1800 542 3789
  • NTUC INCOME: 6789 5000
  • HL Assurance: 6922 6009
  • United Overseas Insurance: 6453 8110

LGBTQIA+ support services in Singapore

Although Singapore is making slow, tentative steps towards inclusivity and equality, the LGBTQ+ community still faces marginalization. Despite decriminalizing gay sex in 2022, the country still does not recognize same-sex marriage and affords few rights to these couples.

Still, members of the LGBTQ+ community can seek support at the following hotlines:

  • Brace Spaces: 8788 8817
  • 6254 0212
  • Oogachaga: 6226 2002
  • Samaritans of Singapore: 1800 221 4444

Homeless shelters and welfare services in Singapore

Despite a high average standard of living, a strong economy, and subsidized housing, homelessness does exist in Singapore. The Ministry of Social & Family Development has several services to assist rough sleepers, such as:

  • MSF Hotline: 1800 111 222
  • Partners Engaging and Empowering Rough Sleepers:
  • Senior Group Homes and Sheltered Homes
  • Transitional shelters
  • Welfare Homes

The following organizations also offer support services for those experiencing homelessness:

Animal rescue services in Singapore

Although Singapore is a very urban environment, it has a reasonably high rate of pet ownership. If you have a pet in the country and it goes missing, you can contact the non-emergency police number or local shelters.

Dog lies on the cement in a shelter
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However, if you find a lost pet or animal, you can contact the following services:

In addition, if your pet falls sick, you can get immediate help by calling the following emergency numbers:

A list of embassies in Singapore

Expats living in Singapore should keep the contact details of their local embassy or consulate handy. As well as being useful in emergency situations, you might need it for other consular services such as visa-related matters, passports, and documents for getting married. Below is a list of some relevant embassies:

Report and search for lost or stolen property in Singapore

If you lose personal property in Singapore, you have several options for reporting it. For example, if you lose your bag, jewelry, phone, or local Singaporean ID, you can file a report with the police. For a phone, you will also need to contact your service provider to get a replacement phone and SIM card. iPhone owners can also try to track their phones using the “Find My iPhone” app.

If you lose your passport, you will likely need to file a police report and visit your local embassy for help.

However, if you lose your bank or credit cards, contact your provider immediately so that they can cancel your cards and ensure there are no fraudulent transactions. In addition, you may want to file a report with the police in case it turns up later.

What to do in an emergency

Come across an emergency in Singapore? Here’s what you should do.

  1. Call an ambulance (995), the police (999), or other relevant service.
  2. Provide the appropriate information, including:
    • Your name and number,
    • Address of your current location
    • Details of the situation, including how many people are affected, if any of them have any medical issues, and whether any drugs, alcohol, or weapons are involved
  3. Gather appropriate documents, such as ID, medical information, or car insurance.
  4. Try to stay on the line until help arrives.

How do you call a Singaporean emergency number if you are overseas?

The international dialing code for Singapore is +65. While you can call any of Singapore’s emergency numbers that have the traditional format (+65 xxxx xxxx), you cannot dial any toll-free numbers (starting with 1800) or emergency numbers such as 995 or 999.

Other useful phone numbers in Singapore

  • Comfort & City Cab: 6552 1111
  • Consumer Association of Singapore: 6227 5100
  • Dengue Hotline: 1800 933 6483
  • LTA Checkpoint Traffic Updates: 6863 0117
  • National Environment Agency Hotline: 6225 5632
  • Premier Cab: 6363 6888
  • Traffic conditions and updates (online)
  • The Straits Times (Singaporean broadsheet news online in English)
  • Weather: 6542 7788

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