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Last update on January 30, 2019

This guide explain the Portuguese postal service and sending a parcel to Portugal, including postage rates in Portugal, parcel services, CTT tracking, Portuguese postal codes and post office addresses.

Portugal has had a national postal service since 1520 when King Manuel first created the Correio Público. The Portuguese post service has since undergone several organisational shifts and name changes, and today is popularly known as CTT or Correios de Portugal. 

CTT Portugal serves the whole country and offers a wide range of services, including post tracking, regular mail, CTT express post (or CTT Expresso), international post (CTT Internacional), mail forwarding and PO boxes.

The CTT logo is red and features a figure riding a horse and blowing a horn. The current logo was adopted in 1953 (although the most recent alteration came in 2004) and claims to show a traditional postman announcing his arrival by blowing on a bugle.

Portugal post boxes for ordinary mail (correio normal) are also red in colour and can be found across the country. There are also blue CTT post boxes (correio azul), which are for airmail or priority mail. The two are usually placed beside each other.

Portuguese postal services

CTT Portugal offers services for both domestic and international postage. Here are the more common types of post services in Portugal and maximum delivery times:

  • Regular mail: Portugal three days, Europe three days, Rest of the world (RoW) seven days.
  • Priority mail (green): Europe five days, RoW seven days.
  • Priority mail (blue): Europe three days, RoW five days.
  • Registered mail (signed for): Portugal one day, Europe three days, RoW five days
  • Express mail or CTT express: same-day delivery in Portugal and Spain but varying delivery times for Europe and globally

Posts and parcels sent via Portuguese post must be written in pen or printed on a white label. They must also follow certain specifications outlined by CTT.

Portugal Post also offers fax services, certification of photocopies, plus mail collection (poste restante) for newcomers or visitors in Portugal who have yet to register with the government or acquire a local address.

Portuguese post tracking

Postage to Portugal: Post Portugal box

You can check the location of your parcel by checking CTT’s Portuguese post tracking here.

Portuguese postage rates

As with national postal services in other European countries, CTT has a mixed reputation. Although, if you need to send anything of high value to another European country, a range of internationally recognised couriers are also available, including DHL and UPS. You can also use the same international services to send parcels to Portugal.

Prices of postal services in Portugal are typically below EU averages. CTT’s postal shipping costs can be found on their website and range from EUR 4.50 to EUR 20. You can also calculate Portuguese postage rates and postage costs to Portugal by using the CTT’s price calculator.

Where to buy stamps in Portugal

You can buy stamps (selos) in Portugal at any CTT post office, as well as in newsagents and some small shops, for example, some lottery shops (look for a ‘Casa da Sorte‘) offer basic post office services inside. You can also buy Portuguese stamps online on the CTT website.

Portuguese postal codes

When sending a parcel to Portugal or from within the country, you will need to know the Portuguese postal code (código postal) of the mailing address.

A typical Portuguese postal code has seven digits:

  • the first two digits represent one of the country’s nine postal regions
  • the following two digits stand for postal distribution centres within the regions
  • the last three numbers of every Portuguese postal code are for the specific home addresses and building of the sender or recipient.

Correos Portugal vehicle: Shipping to Portugal

For example: 1000-400 Lisboa

Portugal’s post also offers a postcode finding service on its website to help consumers make sure their parcels arrive to the right location.

Portuguese post office hours and offices

The CTT can be reached on their website by filling out a contact form, or by calling their telephone line at +351 707 26 26 26 (EUR 0.10 per minute).

Portuguese post office opening hours are usually from Monday to Saturday between 8am and 10pm.

The find your closest Poruguese post office address, you can use the CTT post office search. At the post office, you can ask questions, arrange mail pickup or send post.

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Photo Credits: Peter Broster (Post Portugal box), Jsobral (Correos Portugal vehicle).