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Open letter warns of blood and revenge

Published on 03/05/2005

3 May 2005

AMSTERDAM — Mohammed B., the man arrested for the murder of Theo Van Gogh, wrote an “open letter to the Dutch people” before the attack warning they will pay in blood for the slaughter of millions of Muslims.

Public prosecutor Koos Plooy stressed in Rotterdam Court on Tuesday that the letter was no joke or an idle boast.

B. starts his letter full of praise for Allah and writes that God has instructed Muslims to “kill them”, referring to “the non-believing people of the Netherlands”.

He praised the 11 September terrorist attacks in the US and cursed the co-operation between the US and the Netherlands in “the fight for world dominion between belief and unbelief”.

Referring to victims of what he sees as the US-led aggression in Muslim countries, the 27-year-old Dutch-Moroccan said that as “culprits of the death and torture of our brothers and sisters you must pay your debt with your own blood”.

He warned that life will turn to hell and will only return to peace when the Dutch government abandons the murder and rape of Muslims.

“It would not be wise to trivialise the contents of this letter. Because the deep seriousness of this letter would not be understood, nor would the context of the enormous library that was carefully spread among suspects — full with radical-political literature — nor the manner and the moment in which this letter surfaced,” prosecutor Plooy said.

He said the document was discovered when Mohammed B. became the first member of the Hofstad group to put his ideology into action. His target was Theo van Gogh, “an exponent” of the non-believers.

Van Gogh was subsequently shot and stabbed to death on an Amsterdam street last November. 

The prosecutor said B. was also convened about the contents of the letter. e referred to it in his last will and testament, which was drawn up in case he was killed by police after attacking Van Gogh.

In his will, B. said the letter could have negative consequence for the “brothers and sisters” and they needed to decide at a meeting after his death whether to publish it or not.

A preliminary hearing against 12 alleged members of the suspected terror network Hofstad group was held in Rotterdam Court on Tuesday.

Mohammed B. was described as the leader of the group for the first time, but is not yet on trial for his role in the group. B.’s murder trial will start in July.

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