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Last update on January 07, 2020

If you would like to visit another country, without straying too far from home, there are several cities to visit near the border.

In Germany, you can visit the diverse city of Trier. It has nine different UNESCO world heritage sites for you to visit and excellent shopping. There are many leftover Roman buildings in the city, such as the Porta Nigra, the Basilica, the imperial baths and the amphitheatre, each with their own impressive stories to tell. The Trier theatre puts various shows throughout the year, and is heavily supported by the locals. The city was also the birthplace of Karl Marx and his house has been turned into a museum.

In France, nearby cities include Metz and Verdun. Metz has been the winner of French and European flowered city competitions, as it is one of the greenest cities in France. It also recently won the national grand prix for lighting from the National Academy of streets arts. The city is famous for its shopping and opportunities to take trips in the surrounding countryside. But there are also medieval, Gallo-roman and other historical aspects to enjoy.

Verdun is known because of its stories from the First World War. You may want to visit here to experience first hand the memorial museum, the trenches, the Douaumont Ossuary and the Douaumont fort. Another interesting spot is the Citadelle, where a tour in a small train takes you through 15 scenes from the life of French soldiers.

Culture: culture – kultur
Nature: nature – natur
Castle: château – schloss
Museum: muse – museum
Theatre: theâtre – theater
Art: art – kunst
History: histoire – geschichte
Music: musique – musik
Festival: festival – festival