Society & History

How much do you know about France? Find out more about the society and history of France with our expert guides detailing everything you need to know, from traditional French celebrations and holidays to the movies that every expat moving to France must watch.

French etiquette

French etiquette and manners

The French have some very formal rules about manners and etiquette. Avoid embarrassment with this guide to French etiquette and French manners.

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French parenting

Parenting and family life in France

Whether you are relocating to France with kids or planning to start a family there, here’s what to expect when it comes to French parenting.

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History of France

The history of France

This western European powerhouse has a lengthy history of imperialism, naval prowess, and affluent royals. Delve into the history of France.

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Religion in France

Religion in France

Although a historically Catholic country, there is a wide variety of religions practiced by those living in France.

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French government

The French government and political system

Navigate your way around the French government with our overview of the country’s political system and main political parties.

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Christmas in France

Christmas in France: a guide to French Christmas traditions

Get into the festive cheer of French Christmas traditions: Count down to Christmas with this guide of 25 Christmas traditions in France.

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French New Year traditions

French New Year traditions: celebrating New Year’s Eve in France

Find out how to jump into celebrating the New Year in France and make your own French King cake to share with friends for Epiphany in France.

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French stereotypes

Top 10 French stereotypes

French men are rude but good lovers while French women are hot but don’t use deodorant. Is there any truth to these common French stereotypes?

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French superstitions

The strangest French superstitions

Bon chance! Luckily there is plenty of dog poop to step on in France – according to the French superstition, it can bring good luck.

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French eating habits

French eating habits: 7 rules for dining like a local

How well do you know French eating habits? These top tips and insights will help you dine like a true local in not ime.

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