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Public holidays in Spain
Spanish national holidays and important dates 2018
02 January 2017

Here is a list of Spanish national holidays 2018, plus Spanish school holidays, daylight savings, Mother's and Father's Days and regional Spanish bank holidays....

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Jobs in Spain
Work in Spain: Finding a job in Spain
12 June 2017

An essential guide to finding work in Spain, including information on the current job market, Spanish work permits, and where to find a job in Spain.

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Cost of living in Spain
Cost of living in Spain – how much do you need?
26 June 2017

What is the cost of living in Spain? Spain's living costs are relatively low compared to other western European countries, making the cost of living in Spain fo...

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How to get Spanish permanent visa or Spanish nationality
A guide to Spanish citizenship and permanent residence
11 July 2016

Find out when you can apply for Spanish citizenship or permanent residency, and what conditions and paperwork you need to qualify.

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Top 10 Spanish foods – with recipes
Top 10 Spanish foods – with recipes
26 September 2016

It would be impossible to list all the tasty foods from the rich Spanish food culture – but here are at least 10 top Spanish foods you have to try.

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Spanish festivals
Top Spanish festivals 2017
10 January 2017

Spanish festivals are celebrated year-round; from the popular Spanish festival La Tomatina to Benicassim festival, here is a list of some of the best and bizarr...

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Spain top places
Top 10 places to visit in Spain
06 September 2016

Select from an eclectic plethora of historic Spanish cities, diverse landscapes, famous artworks, quirky festivals and delicious food from all over Spain. Here...

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Spanish language facts
Interesting facts you didn't know about the Spanish language
24 July 2017

Did you know the US will have more Spanish than English speakers within just a few decades? Here are 11 Spanish language facts that will make you want to learn...

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