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Last update on June 01, 2021

You’ve found the perfect international school for your child, where they can learn their new language and integrate in their new culture without losing their roots. But the fees are out of your budget… Fear not! Many of the international schools in Belgium offer scholarships.

There are some fine international schools in Belgium, but the tuition fees at these privately-run institutions can be expensive. However, some schools do offer scholarships and funded placements for a select number of pupils who meet certain criteria.

Expatica, looks at scholarship support at international schools in Belgium and also explains how to apply.

Costs of international schools in Belgium

International schools in Belgium have high academic quality, but it comes at a price. Tuition fees in Belgium are undoubtedly among the most expensive in Europe. Fees typically rise on a sliding scale from Kindergarten/Early Years Primary School to Year 12 Secondary School. Current annual fees at a selection of top English-speaking schools in Belgium are:

  • Antwerp International School:  €23,320 to €27,730
  • British Junior Academy of Brussels: €19,088 to €20,575
  • The British English Primary School: €21,230 to €23,370
  • British International School of Brussels: €19,200 to €20,400
  • British School of Brussels: €27,750 to €35,250
  • International School of Brussels: €31,090 to €37,280
  • ISF Tervuren: €17,255 to €18,200
  • ISF Waterloo: €15,000 to €18,000
  • Scandinavian School of Brussels: €16,500 to €21,500
  • St John’s: €28,370 to €34,535

In addition to tuition fees, most schools will also charge separately for things such as transportation, lunches, trips and exams, as well as an initial registration fee.

Scholarships and bursaries for international schools in Belgium

Unfortunately, international schools in Belgium are not subsidized or funded by the Belgian government. Hence, the only available funding for students is through scholarships and financial assistance programs available within individual schools.

Scholarships in Belgium are few and not all international schools have them, however. Financial support is currently available for students at the following schools:

ISF Schools

Both the schools at Waterloo and Tervuren offer financial support to students. ISF Waterloo offers scholarships for specially gifted students spread across four entry levels: 3-year scholarships to complete primary or secondary school education, as well as 2-year and 4-year scholarships for pre-university education (including Cambridge exam fees). Each scholarship is worth up to 100% of annual fees.

ISF is committed to providing a wide range of learning opportunities across all areas of the curriculum, nurturing individual students’ potential. Alongside the Academic Scholarship program, they also run a Financial Assistance program for a limited number of places. This is designed to help families whose children find it difficult to attend the local schooling systems in Dutch or French due to language barriers but cannot fully afford the fee levels of international schools.

Antwerp International School

The school offers 50 places through the AIS Seeks Talent scholarship program, available to gifted students aged 5-17 who are also struggling to commit to the full tuition fees. The scholarship offers fee reductions between 20-60%.

International School of Brussels

The International School of Brussels offers assisted places with up to 50% off annual tuition fees for those in higher grades experiencing financial hardship who need to attend an English-speaking school in Belgium. The school has a set annual budget and each bursary is also reviewed annually.

Scandinavian School of Brussels

The Scandinavian School of Brussels offers subsidised places with a flat rate discount of €4,500 off annual fees for those who meet the eligibility criteria.

Bogaerts International School

Scholarships are offered to gifted students if the family is unable to pay the full fee amount and is eligible for an award. Families are also required to give volunteer hours to support school activities in exchange for the scholarship.

Lycée Francais

Pupils with French nationality can apply for a grant at the French Consulate in Brussels. Annual deadlines are in February and September.

Agnes School

The Catholic primary school offers means-tested bursaries for those unable to pay full fees; these are available through the ARDEA Foundation.

Ecole International Montgomery

The school offers reduced fees at both primary and secondary school level to those unable to pay full fees.

International Deutsche School of Brussels

German-speaking new students from grades 5 to 10 can apply for a full one-year scholarship if they can demonstrate good academic performance, motivation, and commitment.

How to apply for a scholarship at an international school in Belgium

The exact process for applying for financial support at international schools in Belgium will vary from school to school and also depend on the type of support being applied for. Applications can include items such as:

  • an application form submitted along with supporting documents as required
  • proof of income or financial situation
  • details of academic achievements
  • personal statement from the student
  • interview or exam