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Last update on January 09, 2020

Blogger and American expat Katbat has a newly-developed Moscow fear. Forget muggers and murderers, it’s all about the killer icicles.

It is an absolutely beautiful day in Moscow: cold, crisp, sunny, blue sky… and yet, danger lurks. I am already skittish about dogs, clowns and all things having to do with the eyeball and belly button.

Now I have a new fear. Fear of impalement, or alternately, fear of Death by Icicle.

I have visuals of huge pointy icicles speeding down, with their pointy tips aimed at one of my sweet and adorables head (or worse, eyeball, or belly button!). I then whip out a super ninja chop or kick, smashing the said icicle to mere cubes and saving them from certain death (or at least disfigurement, or even a bruise). A girl can dream, right?

Apparently people are killed every year by falling icicles. The city is trying to address the issue by fines, etc. Worker bees work into the night knocking them down, taping off danger areas and putting up warning signs.

But still I had no trouble finding frozen spears of death this afternoon. Today was quite sunny too, water was dripping from a few of the icicles… rendering them weak, and losing their icy grip on their building…

Will this fear stop me from getting out and enjoying my beautiful city? Of course not. But I for one walk with one eye skywayd, ready to bust out some serious ninja chopping.

Check these photos out, taken on a walk around 2p.m.; watch out purple beret lady! Did you see the one hanging on a wire? Yikes!

Katbat / Expatica

Katbat is a mid 30s mom of three living in Moscow, Russia. When she is not hanging with her kids she likes to read, cook, and listen to music. Read Katbat’s blog, The Wind Of Change.