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Last update on August 14, 2019

If you’re not ready or willing to loose your current passport, Portugal may be a good choice. The country allows dual nationality and several options for expats looking to apply for a Portuguese passport. Learn more about Portuguese passport eligibility and more in this guide.

If you move to Portugal and meet certain conditions, you may be eligible to apply for Portuguese citizenship and get a Portuguese passport. Portugal is an EU country which means that a Portuguese passport allows you to travel around the world as an EU citizen. Portugal also allows dual nationality, so it’s possible to get a Portuguese passport without giving up the passport of your home country.

This guide to getting a Portuguese passport includes information on types of passport in Portugal, along with Portuguese passport benefits, passport eligibility, apply for and renewing a Portuguese passport, and the costs involved.

The Portuguese passport

If you are a foreign resident in Portugal and you acquire Portuguese citizenship, you will be eligible for a Portuguese passport which entitles you to travel around the world as a Portuguese and EU citizen, and enter/exit Portugal as many times as you wish.

You don’t have to get a Portuguese passport if you are a Portuguese citizen. Upon becoming a citizen, you can get a Portuguese Citizen Card as a general identity document. But the Portuguese passport is beneficial for international travel.

Portuguese passports are issued through the Portuguese Ministry of Justice (Instituto dos Registos e do Notoriado). In 2006, the Portuguese government began issuing electronic passports (Passaporte Eletronico Portugues – PEP) with enhanced security features and biometric information. All new standard Portuguese passports are now issued as a PEP.

There are five types of Portuguese passport:

  • Standard Portuguese electronic passport (PEP) issued to Portuguese citizens
  • Diplomatic Passport (PD) issued to officials carrying out diplomatic business
  • Passport for Foreign Citizens (PCE) issued to stateless individuals with no other passports who have been granted the right to reside in Portugal. Valid for 2 years.
  • Special Passport (PES)  given to Portuguese officials who perform certain Public Administration functions
  • Temporary Passport (PT) issued in certain emergency circumstances for a period of up to one year

Portuguese passport benefits

The standard Portuguese passport, similar to many passports, is a booklet with a dark red cover. The passport contains 28 visa pages and a biographical information page contain the holder’s name, height, date of birth, sex, birthplace, date of issue and expiration, photograph (digital in the PEP), digital signature and microchip containing the information electronically.

Portuguese passport benefits

There are certain benefits to obtaining a Portuguese passport and becoming a Portuguese citizen. Portuguese passport benefits include the ability to:

  • leave and re-enter Portugal as many times as you wish while your Portuguese passport is valid
  • travel around the world as a Portuguese and EU citizen
  • obtain dual nationality and have two passports, providing your home country allows dual nationality
  • travel to 115 different countries visa-free. Portugal is ranked 18th in the world on the Passport Index


See our guide to Portuguese citizenship for more information on Portuguese citizenship and the benefits of citizenship.

Portuguese passport eligibility

Portuguese passport eligibility depends upon Portuguese citizenship. If you are a foreign resident and you want to become a Portuguese citizen, you must have lived in Portugal for six years, including one year with permanent residency. This is reduced to three years if you have been married or in a legal partnership with a Portuguese citizen for three years.

In addition to this, you will need to have sufficient knowledge of Portuguese language and have not been jailed for any serious crimes. See our guide to Portuguese citizenship for more information.

Applying for a Portuguese passport

You can apply for a Portuguese passport at any of the following places:

Portuguese passport renewal

To apply for a Portuguese passport, you will need to present your Portuguese Citizen’s Card (or national ID card, which preceded the Citizen’s Card) to prove your Portuguese passport eligibility as a Portuguese citizen. You will need to provide a digital signature as well as biometric information for the electronic passport (digital photograph and fingerprints). Your digital photograph will be taken at the office where you make your application so you don’t need to worry about providing a digital image of yourself.

You will also need to bring along your previous Portuguese passport if you are making an application for a renewed Portuguese passport. You will need to provide additional information if you are aged under 18 or registered disabled. See here for full details.

Once you have made your Portuguese passport application and filled in the Portuguese passport application form, you then choose your method of delivery, which is either normal (5 days), express (2 days) or urgent (1 day).

Renewing a Portuguese passport

The standard Portuguese passport (PEP) is valid for 5 years. You can apply for a replacement passport if it is due to expire within 6 months but it is not possible to renew a Portuguese passport once it has expired. You must make a fresh application for a new Portuguese passport and go through the same process as you went through for the initial application.

You will need to bring your old/expired passport with you when you make the fresh application for a new Portuguese passport as it needs to be submitted to the Portuguese authorities. However, an expired passport cannot replace the Portuguese Citizen Card/ID card as proof of identity document when you make an application for a new Portuguese passport.

You can get a replacement Portuguese passport if your existing passport becomes lost, damaged, stolen, filled up with visa stamps or if its expiry date is within the next 6 months. You can do this through any of the offices that issue passports (see above section). You will need to bring along your Portuguese Citizen’s Card and existing passport (if you still have it).

Portuguese passport costs

Portuguese passport fees are:

  • Standard Portuguese passport (PEP) – EUR 65 (normal), EUR 85 (express), EUR 95 (urgent) plus EUR 10 shipping
  • Passport for Foreign Citizens (PCE) – EUR 107.40
  • Temporary Passport (PT) – EUR 150.


The Portuguese passport fee can be paid with cash or credit/debit card at the office where it is issued, or in advance via one of the Portuguese Multibanco ATM cash machines where you can make a range of different bill payments.

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