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Last update on July 16, 2020

There is a wide range of office spaces available in Amsterdam, from inspiring shared work environments for freelancers to large modern buildings that can accommodate big corporations. How do you find your next business address in Amsterdam?

Currently ranked fifth most attractive European city to start up a business, Amsterdam is a hub of economic and entrepreneurial activity that offers a variety of opportunities for businesses.

Expatica, explains how to go about finding office space in Amsterdam.

Types of office space in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has office spaces to suit the diverse needs of the business world, with something for everyone from small start ups to multinationals in a range of different environments. Office space in Amsterdam can broadly be split into three types:

Traditional office space in Amsterdam

This can be a room or rooms rented out, often within a larger building such as a business centre. Businesses get their own self-contained space which usually includes office furniture and WiFi. Some facilities may include extras such as office equipment, use of kitchen facilities and other types of business support.

Virtual office space in Amsterdam

If you run a business or enterprise where you’re not located in one place all the time, you can hire virtual office space in Amsterdam. This provides you with an official business address which you can use for correspondence and registration with the chamber of commerce. Some virtual offices provide additional services such as admin and secretarial support (answering phone calls, booking meetings, etc.).

Co-working spaces in Amsterdam

This is a modern type of work-space where businesses and freelancers share space and typically belong to a community. Co-working spaces offer office space, access to equipment and WiFi and opportunities to collaborate with professional networks. Spaces will often be geared towards specific professions (e.g. tech, creative, media).

Finding a co-working space in Amsterdam

Where to find office space in Amsterdam

There are a number of ways to go about finding office space in Amsterdam. The best place to contact in the first instance is the City of Amsterdam business support. This local authority service can help you find business premises, property owned by the municipality and creative spaces suitable for start ups. There is also a support team for each Amsterdam district and a page on the website for start ups.

Other ways to find office space in Amsterdam include:

Finding an office space in Amsterdam
  • Contacting amsterdam inbusiness. This is the city’s foreign investment agency who can offer support to anyone looking to bring their business to Amsterdam.
  • Searching for office space through a directory or search engine. Funda in Business lists commercial properties for rent, Flexas has details of office space to rent, Coworker has information on co-working spaces.
  • Asking for advice through local business or expat networks.

Who can rent office space in Amsterdam?

The diversity of spaces available in Amsterdam means that there is something for everyone from large businesses looking to relocate or set up a branch in the city, through to freelancers who want a business address and the chance to network with other professionals. Most premises are available to clients from outside the city, including international businesses and entrepreneurs – as long as they have the necessary visa to operate in Amsterdam.

How to book office space in Amsterdam

Each provider of office space in Amsterdam will have their own procedure and requirements for renting space, including the amount to be paid upfront to secure the booking. Co-working spaces normally charge a membership fee to join a network.

Once you’ve found a space, you will probably want to arrange a viewing. When your heart is set, you’ll need to sign up for a certain period (usually between 3 months and a year) and pay the necessary upfront fees. If you need to sign a lengthy contract, you may want to get it checked by a lawyer.

Booking office space in Amsterdam

Cost of office space in Amsterdam

The cost of renting office space in Amsterdam can vary from a few hundred to a few thousand euros a month depending on exactly what is being provided. Factors to take into consideration include:

  • Size of space in square metres
  • Whether the space is unfurnished, partly furnished or fully furnished
  • What additional services or facilities are being provided
  • What district of Amsterdam the premises is located in
  • Whether access is 24/7 or just during business hours