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Last update on 05/04/2022

Driving in Luxembourg with your out-of-country driver’s license is fine for the first few months. But exchanging a foreign driving license in Luxembourg is the best way to go for long-term residents.

Moving to Luxembourg with a car as your main transport means making sure your driver’s license is valid, and exchanged in the long run. Anyone driving in Luxembourg can do so with a foreign-issued driver’s license. However, being a resident and living in Luxembourg longer than six months means possibly exchanging it for a Luxembourg license to drive. Here is how to do it.

Age requirements

The minimum age to be able to drive road in Luxembourg is 18 years old. While some foreign countries have age limits less than 18 for automobiles, this age restriction is strictly recognized and there are no exceptions for driving cars. However, anyone with a license for mopeds or light motorcycles can be 16 years of age or older.

EEA or EU citizen: applying for an exchange

Anyone coming from an EEA country should expect to exchange a recording or transcript of a foreign license to the National Society of Traffic (SNCA) if there have been previous suspensions, restrictions serious tickets, etc. involved. Keep in mind that anyone becoming a residence in an EEA or EU country can opt to not exchange their license and keep their original one up to six months of living in Luxembourg.

The government’s website has a page where residents can download an application via PDF (in French or German). In addition to your application you must include a double-sided and legible photocopy of your foreign driver’s license with the following remark ‘copy reproducing the original document’ written on the copy. You must also include another legible photocopy of a valid identification document.

Non-EEA or EU citizen: applying for an exchange

If you are moving to Luxembourg from a country outside of the EU and EEA, there is a little more paperwork to bring to exchange your driver’s license. If you want to exchange your license, it must be done within one year after arriving in Luxembourg. Also, if your license is not French, English or German, it must be translated to one of those languages by an official translator.

Here is a list of the official documents and paperwork to prepare:

  1. A medical certificate no more than three months old, issued by a doctor in Luxembourg
  2. An affidavit from your embassy showing no past criminal record, and no older than three months
  3. Certified copy (back and front) of your driver’s license
  4. Certificate of residency less than one month old
  5. Passport picture fitting the measurements of 45/35 mm
  6. The PDF driver’s licence form ( filled out
  7. A tax stamp available from the Driver’s License Office (€30)

Driver’s licenses are issued and managed by:
Service des Permis de Conduire (SNCA) (in French)
At: 11, rue de Luxembourg, L-5230 Sandweiler
Tel: 35 72 14 -1
Email: [email protected]
Open: Monday to Friday 7:30am to 4:45pm

Once the license is exchanged, your previous license is sent back to the issuing country by the SNCA. In Luxembourg, driver’s licenses can fall into the following categories:

  • AM for mopeds with a design speed of up to 45 Km/h
  • A1 for light motorcycles and mopeds with a power not exceeding 15 kW
  • A2 for motorcycles with a power not exceeding 35 kW
  • A for all motorcycles
  • B for cars
  • BE for cars with trailers or caravans of below 3,500 Kg in mass
  • C for lorries/trucks and goods vehicles
  • D – F for buses and tractors

Getting your driver’s licence in Luxembourg

Anyone who received their licence in two years or less must attend a one-day training course at a training centre, Centre de Formation pour Conducteurs. If you’ve arrived to Luxembourg and are ready to get your driver’s licence, there are requirements. To obtain a driving licence in the Grand Duchy, candidates must:

  1. Know enough French or German to be able to follow a theory and practical course in driving.
  2. Be 18 years of age or older.
  3. Attend a driving school approved by the Minister for Transport for at least 12 hours of theory lessons and 16 hours of practical lessons.
  4. Pass the theoretical exam organised by the National Society for Automobile Traffic (SNCA).
  5. Pass a practical examination.

Find out more about the driving school, exams and vehicle categories on the transport section of the government website: and

Tax stamps: where to buy

Point of sale tax stamps can be found at the following locations opened weekdays 8am to noon, 2pm to 4pm:

Diekirch – Civil Acts
Hotel des Postes – William Place
L-9237 Diekirch

Esch / Alzette – Areas
33-35, rue Zenon Bernard
L-4031 Esch-sur-Alzette

Grevenmacher – Civil Acts
Hotel des Postes – Schiltzeplaz
L-6782 Grevenmacher

Luxembourg – Civil Acts 2
67-69, Green Street
L-2667 Luxembourg

Luxembourg – Areas
1-3 Avenue Guillaume
L-1651 Luxembourg