Cultural Integration

Life as an expat can be challenging, especially when it comes to integrating with the locals. But make your new life that little bit easier by checking out our expert guides to cultural integration abroad, from how to make friends to dealing with culture shock.

Being shy

Being a shy expat

The stereotypes of the expat lifestyle usually involve plenty of after-work social activities, but the reality is that many expats are introverts. Being shy doesn’t have to limit your lifestyle while living abroad.

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The modern expat: less homesick, more lonely

Today’s expat can connect with family and friends back home whenever they want, which helps stave off feelings of homesickness. But does constant contact with home increase isolation and make expats more lonely in the city that they live in?

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Trailing spouse

What to do when you’re the male trailing spouse

Moving abroad to further your spouse’s career can be exciting, but it can cause anxiety for a male trailing spouse. Do you have your elevator speech ready for the dreaded question: “What do you do?”

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Living abroad

Enjoy living abroad: tips for being an expat

Want to feel at home in another country, whether you’re there for a weekend, a year, or a lifetime? This guide to living abroad is for you.

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Expat living

Adapting to expat living the right way

Relocating to a new country is not a tough decision for those who have always wanted to live abroad. But moving from expat living to assimilating into a new country, a new culture, and a new bureaucracy may be the hardest challenge.

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Expat wife

The 10 best things about being an expat wife

Few acts signal your undying support for your partner more than moving abroad as they chase a career goal. But it isn’t all about them, either; being an expat wife has plenty of perks.

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Moving to a new country alone

Moving to a new country alone

Making the decision to move abroad on your own is a big step. It’s the perfect opportunity to go off and explore the world, boost your self-confidence, and make new friends. But it can also seem intimidating and scary at the same time. Don’t be put off by the difficulties; moving to a new country alone could be the best decision of your life.

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Expat problems

How to overcome the most common expat problems

Regardless of where you move, some expat problems always seem to pop up. But knowing how to overcome them will help you embrace your exciting new life.

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Being a black woman abroad

Being a black woman abroad

The United States has a futile and destructive obsession with race, which holds back minorities and people of color. But the reality of being a black woman abroad suggests that there’s another way to consider how a multicultural society works.

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Greeting customs

To kiss or not to kiss? Greeting customs around the world

From kisses and handshakes to bows and nose rubs, we explain greeting customs around the world to help you avoid faux pas as an expat.

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Moving to a new country

The first week abroad: 10 tips on moving to a new country

The first weeks and months in a new country can be exciting yet disorienting as you adapt to your new life abroad. Here are 10 tips that will make moving to new country easier.

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Movies expats need to watch

10 movies every expat must watch

Are you looking to move abroad? Want to get a glitzy taste of what the expat life is like through the silver screen? Make some popcorn and watch a few of the essential movies for expats.

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Losing friends

How to avoid losing friends when moving abroad

Leaving behind friends is one of the biggest downsides to moving abroad, but these tips will help your relationships survive the distance.

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Expat woman

Tips for expat women

For an expat woman, moving abroad can be exciting but scary. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your adventure.

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The best and worst of expat friendship

Should foreigners avoid joining expat bubbles and dive headlong into the local culture? Every expat ought to make every effort to integrate into their new home, but sometimes an expat friendship helps you cope with the difficulties of living abroad.

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