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How to set up as a freelancer or as self-employed in Spain

How to set up as a freelancer or as self-employed in Spain


If your plan is to become a freelancer or self-employed in Spain, find out how to join the three million self-employed people – 'autónomos' – in Spain.

Starting a business in Spain

Starting a business in Spain


Tax expert Alex Chumillas Amat explains how to set up a limited company in Spain for expats and businesses wanting to start a business in Spain.

Offshore companies

Offshore companies in Spain

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Consider the benefits of setting up an offshore company, including privacy and a reduced tax liability.

Starting a business in Spain

Secret weapons to starting a business in Spain


Writer and expat Nick Snelling shares his top tips on what you should know before considering starting a business in Spain, from the offers to the helpers.

Setting up a business in Spain

Avoid the pitfalls of setting up a business in Spain


Unrealistic expectations can empty savings of entrepreneurs-wannabes expats who are thinking of starting a new business in Spain.

Tips for using social media for business

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Expatica poll results: How and why Expatica readers use social media for business, plus some expert tips.

How to produce a Spanish invoice

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Tax expert Susana Serrano-Davey explains the requirements for invoicing in Spain, and what to include on your Spanish invoice.

Business in Spain

Business environment in Spain

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If you are planning to expand or set up a business in Spain, there are several factors to consider before you take the plunge, reports Daura Carballo.

Working online

How to work with 'virtual' colleagues


Communication across cultures can be difficult to manage when working online. Ruby Carlino outlines how to successfully work with virtual colleagues across the globe.

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