Society & History

Immerse yourself in Germany’s society by learning about its rich history, its attitudes towards religion and diversity, and its most famous inventions.

Family in Germany

Parenting and family life in Germany

Discover all you need to know about raising a family in Germany including traditional values, parenting styles, childcare, and more.

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History of Germany

A brief history of Germany

The history of Germany has been nothing if not eventful. After being the center of a pair of world wars, Germany is now a vibrant democracy.

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German government

Government and politics in Germany

Get a better understanding of Germany’s democracy and your expat voting rights. Use this guide to the German government and political system.

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German sports

Popular sports in Germany

Get to know your German neighbors in a whole different light with our guide to the most popular sports in Germany.

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german etiquette

German etiquette and social culture

Mastering German etiquette is essential for internationals living in Germany, from a proper greeting to do’s and don’ts at the dinner table.

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German preschool

A guide to German preschool and daycare options

If you’re raising a kid as an expat in Germany, you’ll want to find out about all the options for a German preschool or daycare.

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Friendships in Germany

Making friends in Germany

An expat’s efforts to expand her network of German friends and deepen her friendships remain frustrated by the slow progression she is making with the German language, but with a little help from her children, she is getting there.

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German birthday

The 7 rules of German birthdays

Your birthday is when it’s all about you – unless you live in Germany. Celebrate in style with these German birthday traditions.

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German people

30 things to know about German people

Moving to Germany? Check out our list of things you should know about German culture before you move to Germany.

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New Year in Germany

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Germany

New Year’s Eve in Germany brings parties, raclette, glühwein, and plenty of fireworks. Here’s what you can expect.

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German dress code

Dress codes in Germany

Read up about German dress codes, fashion styles, and tips on how to dress in Germany beyond the traditional lederhosen and blaumann.

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Getting your Lederhosen on

Lederhosen and dirndl are serious business in Germany – especially if you attend a festival in Bavaria. Here’s an insider’s guide to stocking your German wardrobe.

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